3 Benefits of Sandals with Arch Support

3 Benefits of Sandals with Arch Support After the long, cold winter months, it’s always a bit of a relief when we can slip on a pair of sandals rather than a pair of thick, warm socks and a pair of thick, warm winter shoes or boots. However, most sandals have a serious drawback: They lack sufficient support for the feet, which can lead to painful foot conditions, such as plantar fasciitis or low-back pain, or they can exacerbate the foot pain that you already experience from these conditions.

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Problems Caused by Sandals without Arch Support:

Wearing sandals without arch support can not only exacerbate the foot problems that you already have, but it can also cause a host of new problems. Here’s a look at a few physical problems that can develop from wearing sandals without arch support:

3 Benefits of Sandals with Arch Support

• Over-pronation and poor posture can cause problems in your gait, which can weaken your foundation and make you more susceptible to other pains.

• The pain experienced from preexisting foot conditions can intensify.

At the end of the day, it’s always important to support your feet. After all, they support you all day long. At Orthofeet, we have a large selection of sandals with arch support; everything from vegan sandals with arch support to orthopedic sandals for diabetic feet and more.

An important last tip: It’s dangerous to wear flip flops while you’re driving. Please make sure you’re wearing shoes that can’t slip off when you get behind the wheel.

• You can develop sore heels, tender arches and weak ankles as a result of wearing sandals without arch support for extended lengths of time.

The Benefits of Wearing Sandals with Good Arch Support

3 Benefits of Sandals with Arch Support

Just as there are benefits to be gained from arch support slippers, there are also benefits to be gained from wearing arch support sandals. Here are three important benefits that you receive from wearing the best sandals with arch support:

• In addition to the support they provide, orthopedic sandals with arch support also provide greater stability and balance, which can make walking and standing more comfortable as well as ease foot pain.

• Better distribution of your body’s weight, resulting in better posture and better alignment of your body.

• Wearing sandals with arch support can also minimize and even prevent the discomfort caused by painful foot conditions, making it possible for you to go about your daily activities more freely and confidently. Proper arch support in sandals can also help prevent fallen arches, which often leads to plantar fasciitis – another painful foot condition.

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What to Look for in a Pair of Sandals with Arch Support

To get all the benefits of a sandal with good arch support make sure you can tick off the following features before you buy:

• Contoured insoles with ample arch support. The insoles should also be removable in case you want to replace them with your own custom made orthotics.

• The soles should be sturdy and provide good shock absorption.

• The uppers should be soft and non-binding so no blisters or other forms of skin irritation develop.

• A closure system that uses adjustable, easy-to-fasten straps, which help anchor the foot and provide greater stability and support.

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