When you have hundreds of insoles and orthotics to choose from, why would you want to pay a higher price for the Sof Sole Airr Performance Insoles or Airr Orthotic Insoles instead of a pair of cheap insoles? Are they that much better than all the rest?


The answer is that it depends on you and your needs.


Here are the top four reasons why you should choose them:


1. You’re athletic by nature, and love to participate in athletic activities. The type of athletic activities you choose are generally ones that include a lot of jumping. The Sof Sole Company uses an airr Orthotic technology that is an air encapsulated air chamber in the design. The purpose of the air chamber is to give you shock absorption and comfortability. Along with the air chamber is a fabric that improves breathability.

2. You need arch supports. The Sof Sole Airr Performance airr Orthotic has an effective arch support
3. Your feet feel better when you wear orthotics that support the foot in the heel, metatarsal arch and medial longitudinal arch.

4. Your feet feel better with cushioning. The cushioning for the Sof Sole Airr Performance Insoles (airr Orthotic) is 5/16 of an inch thick at the heel. The cushioning at the ball of the foot and toes is ¼ inch thick. Similarly, the original Sof Sole Airr Performance insole is 7/16 inch thick at the toes and ½ inch thick at the heel.


So what may be some scenarios where people would benefit? One example is that of someone who actually reported a testimonial on the TheInsoleStore.com. He was working at a job where concrete floors were brutal on feet. Standing all day long was required for him. He wore the Sof Sole Airr Orthotic Insoles for 4 full shifts – consecutive ones – and it took a few days to adapt but after that he loved them.


So why is there an adaptation period at all? Why can’t your feet go from feeling bad to feeling better immediately?

When your feet are used to a certain amount of support or lack of support, the muscles, tendons and ligaments have already adapted to that support. It’s similar to wearing a back brace for a long period of time. When you take off the back brace, your back most likely will feel a little unstable and it will take you a few days to adjust.


Now when you start wearing a back brace, your motion will feel a little restricted at first. This is the adaptation period. After you learn which ways you can move and which ways you can’t move, then you are more comfortable with the movement and feel better.


Your feet have the chance to adapt to wearing the Sof Sole Airr Orthotic Performance insoles in the first few days. Podiatrists will recommend that people wear their new orthotics for only a few hours every day for about a week; it gives the body time to adapt.



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