Why should we wear insoles in our footwear?

Every day, our feet provide a great deal of effort without us understanding it. They are our most valuable allies, throughout our daily walk, in our sporting activities or in prolonged standing.
Usually, it can happen that our feet get tired. A few of us consider this feeling ” typical”. Yet there is a solution that can relieve our feet and give them the comfort they should have: wear adapted insoles. Although undetectable, at SIDAS we take into consideration them as crucial.
Perhaps you’re currently wearing some? Or you listened to concerning them, however you don’t recognize if you require them? There are several sorts of insoles to satisfy the requirements of each sort of foot and tasks.
We contacted Thomas Arnaud, a podiatric doctor at SIDAS Sports Orthopedics Center, to drop some light on this subject as well as understand their advantages
That are they for?
” The soles are for everybody, for daily life and all sporting activities tasks. When we purchase a sneaker or any other road shoe, the insoles provided are in standard style. However a foot is unique and a standard insole is not always suitable for all feet.
Just how do I know if I need insoles in my shoes?
When the foot is not well changed in the footwear, the relaxing of the stroll or the running can not be optimal. An adapted insole will certainly help to much better transfer the assistances of the foot towards your shoe.
The soles meet two fundamental needs:.
– Boost convenience in a shoe.
– Fix a targeted factor of pain. (If you have pain, we advise you to speak with an expert: a podiatristor an other professional under medical professional’s prescription. *).
Whether in your daily life, in your leisure time and also in sport, make certain that the cushioning as well as reinforcements of your shoes suffice as well as adapted to your sort of foot
What are the primary advantages?
Putting on soles that are adjusted to your foot and also activity has both brief- and long-lasting benefits.
The 3D or molded soles on your foot enhances the support of the arch as well as supplies excellent comfort. During exercise, their pillow assistance soothe and also protect against joint or muscle pain in the feet. All joints can undoubtedly suffer from a poor positioning of the foot.
In the short-term: you will feel a lot more comfort, far better support, even more protection, much better feelings as well as much less tiredness.
In the long-term: you will get a much better healing because the joints are less obtained
Do we require various soles for sporting activity and city use?
Not enough padding and also support might be in charge of the sensation of worn out feet. Much better comfort can considerably boost their health.
For daily life and sport, each design has its very own specificities and also the needs are various:.
For the city: cushioning gel, thin layer, maintenance and hygiene.
For running: padding, flexibility, agility and also dynamism.
For hiking: support as well as protection, with padding.
For wintertime sports: cold and heat insulation, maintenance, security and also protection.

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What sort of insoles to select based on my foot and my activity?
For each and every task, the expectations and demands of users are various. SIDAS soles satisfy the requirements of each as well as aids you pick the optimal model for the arch of your feet.
You can locate the sole you require according to the preferred modern technology (flat soles, 3D soles, 3Feet semi-custom soles and 100% tailored PERSONALIZED soles) and also the task you practice (running, outdoor activities, ski, day-to-day use).
If you intend to be properly oriented towards the sort of product adapted to your technique, go to the professionals in the sports shops. They will certainly examine your feet as well as recommend the very best soles design.
Trained and identified in our facilities to master the methods, they will advise you according to your demands.
Discover here all our specialized resellers
How long do I need to maintain them?
It is hard to offer a life time for the insoles in number of kilometers or number of days. It depends upon the individual as well as the frequency of use: are you a pedestrian or an ultra-trailer?
Their average has to do with the lifetime of 2 of your pairs of footwear. The covering under the metatarsals is typically the location where the wear appears initially. Yet beware, a new sole will certainly not give a 2nd life to a damaged shoe!

To extend the life of your sole, we recommend you to get rid of it of the footwear after each use, in order to dry it al fresco as well as not in a closed setting
Should we use them constantly?
For comfort insoles planned for day-to-day life and sporting activity, we would certainly tend to tell you that when put on, you will not have the ability to proceed without them! “.
In short, here are the 5 factors to wear insoles in your footwear:.
– they enhance the residential or commercial properties of the footwear.
– they maintain the foot.
– they enhance the placement of the body.
– they promote natural padding.
– they restrict the lengthening of the foot and its fatigue.
Experience this new convenience on your own!
* Essential note.
If you have pain or a background of injuries, we suggest that you initially describe a wellness expert foot expert (a podiatric doctor or any other professional), to make sure that he can discuss the discomfort and accomplish a general scientific assessment. He will certainly figure out if you require tailored insoles with adjustments or otherwise
As part of a paramedical appointment, the expert will certainly adapt the products and also the quantity of the insoles according to the activity and any pathologies.

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