At first glance, feet with higher arches don’t appear to have any major stresses or serious foot conditions. However, engineers testing the bio-mechanics of feet and foot disorders have found there are more underlying issues with high arch feet than many realize.  If you think about how a flat foot is an overly flexible foot where as a high arched foot is so set in its structure that it is not flexible at all. When you have high arches, you need orthotics for high arches.

5 Orthotics for High Arches To Relieve Pain
orthotics for high arches


When someone with high arches walks, certain parts of the soles that should touch the ground don’t do so, and the foot muscles become over stressed. Standing all day can be a problem for those with high arches as well. This is why people with high arches should seek out orthotics for high arches to relieve some of the foot fatigue caused from locked bone positions and lack of flexibility.


Here’s a list of 5 orthotics for high arches that will be sure to relieve pain and foot fatigue:



1. FOOTDISC Hardboot Insoles

These orthotics for high arches are made for boots and shoes where there’s very little movement for the ankle and lower leg such as skiing or hunting boots. Since the foot isn’t allowed any movement in the boot, it can become prone to swelling and pain.

Orthotics for high arches prevent the foot from turning outward, or over pronating, when you walk. These hard-boot orthotics for high arches have a dynamic arch cradle that keeps the foot bones aligned and adds a bit of flexibility.


2. CurrexSole RunPro Insoles

Orthotics for high arches should be marked on them “High Arches”; otherwise, don’t buy them. There’s a world of a difference between orthotics (arch support) for flat feet and high arched feet. These running orthotics are designed for those who clock in the miles each week, whether it’s running, jogging or walking. They’re ergonomically built to reduce pain from many foot conditions including arch pain, Achilles tendinitis, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, iliotibial band syndrome, knee pain and heel pain.

5 Orthotics for High Arches To Relieve Pain
high arches


3. CurrexSole Bike Pro Insoles

In terms of putting large amounts of stress on the feet, biking can be much different than other physical activities such as running. When biking, the ball of the foot (instead of the heel) should be a main concern and focus point for protecting your feet. The more you can stabilize your foot position and get it into the ideal position, the greater your pedaling power. The CurrexSole BIKEPRO Insoles have even won an award for its design and are labeled as great orthotics for High Arches.


4. CurrexSole RunFree Insoles

These orthotics for high arches have been tested and help prevent the over-stressed muscles that are typically found in feet with high arches. They can help prevent excessive supination or pronation, plantar fasciitis, shin splints and knee pain.


5. CurrexSole ActivePro Insoles

CurrexSole ActivePro Insoles are designed for feet strained by running, jumping or excessive walking or standing. By preventing over supination (foot veering off to the outside direction when walking) and over pronation (foot collapsing inward), your performance improves. It’s for athletes in multi-sports such as tennis, hiking, trail walking, running, mall walking, football, baseball, basketball, hunting, soccer, volleyball and lacrosse. Oh, and let’s not forget golf.

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