5 Tips For Shoe Buyers With Wide Feet

Wide-feet people: stand up and be counted! Know what you need to do to achieve the foot comfort and support you deserve!

Many people are born with wide feet, but this condition often comes with age, weight gain, and even pregnancy. Because women’s hips are wider, they tend to have wide feet more often than men, but simply standing for long periods of time can bring on a wider, flatter foot.

 5 Tips For Shoe Buyers With Wide Feet

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Here are some rules of thumb for being kind to your wide feet:

Look for shoes with removable linings and insoles. Make room! Your shoe should be flexible enough to allow you to take off and add on, in order to get your feet into the comfort zone. Orthotic shoes will give you this option.

Say no to slip-ons. This is always a temptation for people with wide feet, but resist! They’re convenient, but they’ll make your feet slide forward and crowd up in the toe box. Stick with laced shoes (see next tip).

Choose shoes with a closure system. Laces and Velcro straps give you the option to adjust the width and the way your shoes fit. 

Avoid pointy shoes. The shoes you want for your wide feet feature wide shoe boxes (this is the term for the front of the shoe). The simple reason: room for your toes.

Choose a shoe with features that work with your wide feet. Select a shoe with a soft upper, with a wider sole that provides a more stable base. Your shoe should be biomechanically engineered from the ground up, with supportive insoles that absorb shock and stress that your feet encounter while walking.

Orthotic shoes not only support and comfort wide feet, they also help with whole-body posture and balance.

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