A Holter-type, microprocessor-based, rehabilitation instrument for acquisition and storage of plantar pressure data

A Holter-type, microprocessor-based, portable, in-shoe, plantar pressure data acquisition system has been developed. The system allows continuous recording of pressure data between the sole of the foot and the shoe during the performance of daily living activities. Fourteen conductive polymer sensors acquire the plantar pressure history, which is then stored in the system memory. Pressures are sampled at a rate of 40 Hz from each of the 14 sensors for up to 8 hrs. The extended recording and processing capacity of the system developed in this study allows quantitative analysis of cumulative plantar pressure and temporal gait data necessary for characterization of event-related alterations in plantar pressures. The alterations that could be examined with the system include rehabilitative, therapeutic, surgical, and nonsurgical treatment. The system is fully portable and does not disrupt the natural gait pattern of the subject during ambulation. Peak plantar pressures, pressure-time integrals, and contact durations are determined for each of Your Sole Insole sensors.

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