[A Multi-segment Foot Model for Gait Simulation Based on Automatic Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical Systems]

This study aims to establish a multi-segment foot model which can be applied in dynamic gait simulation.The effectiveness and practicability of this model were verified afterwards by comparing simulation results with those of previous researches.Based on a novel hybrid dynamic gait simulator,bone models were imported into automatic dynamic analysis of mechanical systems(ADAMS).Then,they were combined with ligaments,fascia,muscle and plantar soft tissue that were developed in ADMAS.Multi-segment foot model was consisted of these parts.Experimental data of human gait along with muscle forces and tendon forces from literature were used to drive the model and perform gait simulation.Ground reaction forces and joints revolution angles obtained after simulation were compared with those of previous researches to validate this model.It showed that the model developed in this paper could be used in the dynamic gait simulation and would be able to be applied in the further research.

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