A Primer on Arch Support Insoles
arch support insoles


If you’re like most people, your feet feel good with a pair of new shoes and you may not believe there’s any need for arch support insoles.


But this type of thinking is preventing you from feeling your best! It’s similar to believing that you don’t need a multivitamin or a little extra vitamin D – 75% of people do – and they feel so much better when they get them.


There are a few facts about arch support insoles you need to know, and you’ll get a primer on them right here.


1. Your feet can have low arches, medium (normal) arches, or high arches.

2. If you have medium arches, you could probably do without arch support insoles BUT when you stress your feet out by walking on concrete,              standing for long periods of time, or pound the pavement as a runner or athlete, your feet will feel better with arch support insoles.

3. Those with low arches need arch support insoles all the time, and you’ll feel a distinct difference whenever you don’t wear them in your shoes.        Your feet will ache and may even be painful because the muscles of the feet and ligaments are stressed due to lack of support.

4. Arch support insoles can replace the present insoles in your shoes. When you replace the current insoles, you’ll need a pair of arch support              insoles for every pair of shoes you have. As an alternative, you could switch the arch support insoles out every time you switch shoes. However,      if you opt for this, you may find times when you forget to switch out the arch support insoles.

5. If you have a high arch, you still need arch support insoles. A high arch is not a flexible foot, and during walking, the foot is stressed because        it doesn’t ‘give’ enough to allow the flexibility needed. This can lead to foot pain or foot fatigue at the end of the day.

6. Even if your feet have normal arch supports, if you tend to wear high heels, then you will benefit from arch support insoles.

7. Arch support insoles may be rigid orthotics or softer ones that are cushiony. The rigid orthotics are hard arch support insoles and take a few          weeks to get used to.  Cushiony arch support insoles are easier to get used to immediately and you’ll feel relief quicker than with rigid orthotics,      but they may break down faster over time.

8. You can also find children’s arch support insoles, which could prevent your children from developing foot problems at an early age. Children’s      arch support insoles are a great idea if you want to do everything possible for your children’s health, and foot health is just as important as              physical health. Children’s arch support insoles are affordable by most families.

9.  Wide arch supportsare also available for those with wide feet. If your feet are wide, then the standard arch support insoles feel good, but you‘ll      desire just a bit more support – and when insoles fit your feet best as a glove fits a hand, your feet feel the best ever. Get wide arch supports if          you have wide feet.

A Primer on Arch Support Insoles
wide arch supports


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