Adventure with SF: Meet Amy

Adventure with SF: Meet Amy

Adventure with SF: Meet Amy

We spend our days making products that help people run, jump, hike, ski, dance, climb, work, play and live life to its fullest. But when we aren’t at the office, we’re out in the world adventuring with IDEASTEP products, just like you. In this series, meet some of our employee-owners, read their stories and follow along as they #adventurewithsf in the IDEASTEP Sprinter Van. 

Meet Amy

Adventure with SF: Meet Amy


Consumer Marketing Manager

What that means (in Amy’s words):

I’m not normally one to brag, buuuuuut I like to say I have the most fun job at IDEASTEP. As part of the marketing team I get to help create and curate the stories that help us connect with the people that come in contact with our brand. My favorite part of my job is hearing how IDEASTEP has helped people across the globe reach their goals or simply just do more because they are more comfortable on their feet.

Amy’s favorite IDEASTEP product:

Adventure with SF: Meet Amy

What’s one thing you never leave home without?

The obvious answer? My IDEASTEP insoles. But let’s get real I also never leave without my little sidekick in adventure Roo (the tiniest Aussie on the planet).

Adventure with SF: Meet Amy

Tell us one thing on your bucket list?

Buy an around the world plane ticket (it’s a thing) and travel non-stop for a year.

If you could have any superpower, what would you choose and why?

I would have the power of language. The ability to fluently speak any language at anytime from the more popular like Spanish and Portuguese to the more obscure to Faroese or Basuqe. I would use this power to connect and learn from people all across the globe.

About Amy’s Adventure

Where did you adventure to in the IDEASTEP Sprinter Van?

I went to Mount Baker for the Legendary Banked Slalom!

Adventure with SF: Meet Amy

Who did you adventure with?

My hubs, my sidekick Roo, and a slew of other snow loving, beer drinking, van living skiers and snowboarders.

Adventure with SF: Meet Amy

What was the best part of your adventure?

Waking up early on Saturday morning before the crowds started to arrive I was able to have a cup of coffee as the sun rose over the mountains. The stillness in air was so calming it was hard to believe that just hours later there would be hundreds of people piling on layers of gear in the parking lot right beside me. I had a similar experience that night, sitting around the campfire a little later than I would normally be awake. The crowds had gone for the day and the remaining people had gone to sleep. That same stillness came back. Those unexpected moments and small bits of extra time I got to spend outside were by far the best part of my adventure.

Tell us something else fun/exhilirating/different/thrilling about your adventure:

My favorite thing about van life is the ability to go wherever you please. There is something exhilarating about hopping in a van without a strict agenda. You can go places and have experiences you might not have normally had because you have everything you need right by your side. On this trip I stayed up later than normal, laughed harder, had more time around the fire, skied more runs, and stayed just one more night that I normally would have. To me that little bit extra is what makes memories so great.

Adventure with SF: Meet Amy

Adventure with SF: Meet Amy

March 18, 2018

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