Choosing between the many different types of children’s insoles can be very difficult sometimes. Here is a quick guide to selecting the right pair of insoles for your child’s needs.

An Overview of Kids’ Insoles
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The Arch Angels Children’s Comfort Insoles are developed to support the growth of your children’s feet. Regular children’s shoes are flat and Your Sole Insoles inside them don’t have any arch support. Many people mistakenly believe that their child’s feet will develop their arches no matter what types of shoes they wear. The reality of it is that your child’s foot will be more susceptible to developing an arch similar to their insole shape. Due to the long hours our feet spend each day wearing shoes, our foot bones, muscles, and tendons end up trying to mold themselves to fit that shoe.


If your child wears arch-supporting insoles, then there’s a greater chance their own arches will develop. By upgrading the kids insoles in their shoes, then you can bypass most future foot and medical conditions.  For recommendations of what insoles are children’s cushion insoles from orthotic arch supports click on:  Children’s Insoles from Toddler to Teen.


Children will feel a difference with the proper insoles. You’ll notice them playing longer outside without complaining that their feet are tired or hurt. Arch Angels™ kids insoles are made from foam and contour to the curves that are developing in the feet.  As your child gets older, the curves in the arches of their insoles will get progressively larger to match their developing arches.


Different than the Arch Angels Insoles, the Birkenstock Arch Supports are the only ones that have raised side flanges to insure that the foot maintains proper alignment by controlling the movement of the feet. By avoiding over pronation and over supination, you can prevent many foot disorders from occurring both in the short and long run. Once the foot starts turning inward or outward while walking, foot disorders can start to develop. The muscles, tendons, and ligaments all tire very easily which can cause plantar fasciitis. Achilles tendonitis or bunions to start developing. The Birkenstock Arch Supports kids insoles have natural cushioning that absorbs shocks, keeps the heel aligned, and has the necessary arch support to keep your kids healthy.


The Pedag Bambini Children’s Leather Insoles also help to keep your child’s foot bones naturally aligned. They feature a non-slip bottom that may lessen the number of your child’s falls. The Pedag Bambini Insoles are topped with an all-natural vegetable tanned leather and are orthopedically designed. They are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association.


KidZert Children’s ¾ Arch Support Insoles are three-quarter length neon green insoles that your children can’t misplace in messy rooms. These kids insoles are wear-moldable. The ¾ length insoles are ones that fit into tight-fitting shoes whereas the full length kids insoles fit into shoes that are a bit looser.  These kids insoles have an established heel cup, an arch support, and are made of semi firm rubber. With this type of construction, the bones in the feet are aligned and your child’s posture may improve. These kids insoles are recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

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