Analysis of dynamic standing foot force patterns in a normal male subject by characterization of microvector weight transfer sequences

Previous foot forceplate analyses in our laboratory have shown that postural sway in a normal male subject induces net weight transfers (microvectors) which have preferred directionalities, and that eye closure is characterized by increases in both the occurrence and magnitudes of these preferred microvectors. The same data generated from 8 x 8 blocks of eyes-open and eyes-closed trials were reanalyzed to examine microvector temporal sequences (i.e., macrovectors). Macrovectors were defined by the number of successive microvectors occurring along the same general direction, (anterior, posterior, right or left). Results suggest that with eye-closure, proprioceptive systems are unable to maintain lateral sway deviations within eyes-open limits. This instability increases lateral macrovector durations while only marginally affecting sagittal macrovector durations.

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