Sure, you know that wearing pointy shoes is one of the worst things you can do for your health, but there’s no substitute when it comes to looking well-dressed for certain types of events. The truth is that you also know that pointy shoes and high heels aren’t going to be the most comfortable shoes you can wear, but sometimes it feels like you have no choice. You have to bite the bullet and accept that your feet are going to hurt for the next couple of days.

Situations like these are ones where Apara Inserts come in handy. These inserts are designed for almost all tight-fitting shoes, high heels, and dress shoes. Below are just a few of the different kinds of Apara Inserts available that are sure to help every high heel lover:

• Apara Gel Arch Appeal
• Apara Gel Heel Appeal
• Apara Slingies Gel Insoles

Apara Gel Arch Appeal – These are ideal for types of shoes that are rough on the inside of your feet. Those who stand on their feet for hours at a time wearing shoes with very little cushioning and no arch support will love these insoles.

By adding the Apara Insoles – the Gel Arch Appeal, it’s like each step is on a cushioned cloud. Made from silicone gel, this one is an excellent remedy to alleviate daily foot abuse. It’s virtually invisible when placed inside the shoe.

Apara Gel Heel Appeal – Ever noticed how wearing some shoes will always end in painful blisters and calluses on your heel? This typically occurs when your feet move around a lot in your shoes. If this pertains to you, consider getting the Apara Gel Heel Appeal insoles. These will prevent your heels from slipping in your shoes, while simultaneously preventing blisters and callouses.

The Apara Gel Heel Appeal sticks to the back of the shoe; just peel it off and stick it inside the shoe. They’re also made from 100% clear silicone gel so they don’t stand out while wearing them in your dress shoes.

Apara Slingies Gel Insoles – These ¾ length Apara Slingies offer more support for your foot and will fit inside almost any  high heel or dress shoe. You’ll especially feel the support in your metatarsal area (the ball of your foot) which matters a lot when you’re walking around since high heels force your weight to constantly be on the balls of your feet. The gel insoles will help to eliminate the burning pain you feel usually for days after wearing heels.

You’ll also feel supported in the heel and the rest of your foot with the Apara Slingies. These Apara Insoles and Inserts have adhesive backing so you can place them exactly where you need them in the shoes.

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