Everyone want’s their children to be healthy and active, but what many people don’t think about is the health risks that this can cause. Our children are more susceptible to injuries and vulnerabilities than we realize. One major vulnerability are their feet.

Arch Angels Kid’s Insoles
Arch Angels insoles


Before developing into adults, their bodies are undergoing changes that will define them later on in life. One major  problematic area is how the arches in their feet develop as a child. All humans are born with flat feet and as they start walking, the bones of the feet get the signals to begin remodeling themselves into an arch made up of a medial longitudinal arch and a metatarsal arch (the ball of the foot).


There are many triggers to the feet forming the proper arches of the feet. Anatomists, developmental biologists, doctors, and podiatrists all have their own view of how the arches form in the feet. Some of it may have to do with proper nutrition. Just like lack of manganese can cause the development of scoliosis in the spine, it’s possible there are vitamins and minerals that signal the formation of the bones into the arches of the feet.


The Arch Angels Children’s Comfort Insoles can make a difference in the development of your children’s arches. The insoles in your children’s current shoes are most likely very unsupportive. Regular children’s shoes insoles are flat without any arch support at all. By wearing the arch angels insoles, your children’s feet will be able to mold to a similar shape, resulting in less future foot problems.

Your children will feel better with the arch angels insoles. They’ll play longer and harder without complaining that their feet are hurting them. Arch Angels™ kids insoles are made from foam and contour to the curves that are developing in the feet. For more info on the Arch Angels Children’s Comfort Insoles.

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