If you have plantar fasciitis, flat feet, bunions, Achilles tendonitis, Morton’s neuroma, metatarsalgia, calluses, or other foot disorders, arch inserts can change your life. What type of evidence is there that this is true? The evidence is this:

1. The American Podiatric Medical Association approves many of the currently sold arch inserts from all major insole companies – Spenco, Birkenstock, Natural Balance, Orthaheel, Superfeet, and CurrexSole. This association would not approve arch inserts if they didn’t work.


Arch Inserts Can Change Your Life
arch inserts

For a long time, podiatrists held the corner on the market of arch inserts, orthotics and customized orthotics. Then the market expanded, opening itself to chiropractors and other health professionals, as well as athletic teams. This helped to make arch inserts, orthotics and customized orthotics available to more of the public.


2. Thousands of research studies have been done on arch inserts, orthotics and customized orthotics. The science of arch supports, arch inserts, orthotics, and anatomy of the foot has changed drastically over the years. As a science develops, and companies share what they have discovered, insoles get better and better.


To find this research, you can go to two places: 1) the company itself that makes the arch inserts or orthotics, who would possibly be able to share their latest studies with you for asking, and 2) the Pub Med data base. The Pub Med database is a database of all the scientific journals found in the entire world. You can type in a search term like “orthotics” or “flat feet” or “arch inserts” and find thousands of research abstracts. You can scan them for the latest information on the topic. Many medical solutions are discovered in this exact method.


3. Trends in the area of footwear now involve applying the science of orthotics to sandals and shoes. We’ve entered into a whole new era now where the old ways of creating shoes and shoe insoles (as well as boots, running shoes, insoles, and arch inserts) are not good enough anymore. Unless a shoe or insert is using the latest technology and latest advances, they simply won’t be enough. This translates into you wearing arch inserts that work to help relieve pain, support your feet, and prevent foot disorders. This is what’s expected now from them.


4. The best evidence is what happens when you actually begin to wear them. Do your feet feel better instantly with arch inserts added to your shoes? If not, then you may not have the right arch inserts. You may not have chosen the correct arch type for your foot, or maybe the arch inserts are too hard or too soft for your needs.

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