Back foot influence on dorsiflexion using three different positions of the weight bearing lunge test

Objectives: To determine whether back foot (BF) position influences dorsiflexion range of motion (DFROM) during three different positions of the weight bearing lunge test (WBLT).

Design: Randomised, repeated measures design.

Setting: Sports clubs.

Participants: 52 athletes participating in cutting and pivoting sports.

Main outcome measures: DFROM was obtained using a WBLT in three different BF positions: BF heel in full contact with the floor, BF heel raised off the floor and BF was non weight bearing (NWB). All measurements were obtained using three methods: inclinometer at the tibial tuberosity, toe to wall distance and goniometer angle from the lateral malleolus to the fibula head. Differences between testing positions were determined using a repeated measures one-way ANOVA and reliability analysis was performed using the Intraclass Correlation Coefficient (ICC).

Results: DFROM was statistically significantly different for all three positions of the WBLT for each measurement technique (P < .001). These results were associated with large effect sizes for all BF positions and measurement techniques. Reliability ICC values were excellent for all measurements (ICC 0.94-0.99).

Conclusions: Results show that DFROM differs depending upon the position of the BF during the WBLT. Further research is needed to establish the reproducibility of these three BF positions due to the variability observed.

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