There are many reasons why someone can have pain in the ball of the foot…

Walking in high heels is one of the most notorious ways to induce ball of foot pain. High heels alter the body’s posture during walking, resulting in more pressure per square inch on the balls of the feet. This is why women often complain about foot pain. Men can get pain in the ball of the feet, too. Men often suffer from ball of feet pain from wearing broken down shoes which later leads to Morton’s Neuroma. Morton’s Neuroma is the compression of the small nerves on the ball of foot area during daily activities such as walking and running.

Whenever you suffer from any type of nerve compression, you can expect pain, and a lot of it. The nerves in our bodies are the seat of our ability to sense. Common examples of nerve compression include sciatica pain where the sciatica nerve is compressed, herniated disk pain where the disk of the spine is bulging causing compression on a spinal nerve.

Now what can you do about it?

The first thing to do is to relieve the ball of foot area by reducing the amount of pressure applied to the area. The best way to do that is with metatarsal inserts. Metatarsal inserts are orthopedic devices that go inside your shoes. The word metatarsal refers to the long bones of the feet just before the toes. Metatarsal inserts relieve the pressure on the metatarsals. Excessive pressure can cause inflammation area of the metatarsals leading to pressure on the nerves between the toes. There are several ways to treat ball-of-foot pain with metatarsal inserts. Fortunately we have you covered! We offer cushioned pads, full length insoles with a built in metatarsal pad, and gel inserts.

Here are few of our top rated suggestions:

  • Powerstep Pinnacle Plus Orthotic Insoles w/Met.Pad The Powerstep Pinnacle PLUS offers metatarsal cushioning and a contoured stabilizing heel cradle. The double layer cushioning with Shock absorbing EVA/VCT for enhanced comfort plus a raised Metatarsal Pad. The top of Your Sole Insole is covered with a friction reducing anti-microbial top fabric. The built in metatarsal pad ensure that the ball of foot area Ideal for Athletic, Dress, & Casual Shoe -not to mention boots too.
  •  Pedag De luxe Metatarsal Insoles The PedagDe Luxe Insole is designed to support the Metatarsal Arch to prevent and alleviate pain in both Men & Women. This particular insole prevents and alleviates pain caused by flattened Metatarsal arch. The thin leather 3/4 insole offers you sturdy support for the longitudinal arch and the latitudinal arch.Helping the arches regain their anatomically correct position. This item is also accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association.
  • Sof Sole Airr Performance  Insoles The Sof Sole Airr Performance Insole features a revolutionary air chamber technology in the heel and arch to provide exceptional comfort while increasing shock absorption. The CoolMax technology absorbs moisture and provides breathability  for all day comfort.
  •  Spenco Gel Ball of Foot Cushions Spenco Gel Ball of Foot Cushions have an anatomical cushioning system to give activated energy to the foot to provide cool gel cushioning from start to finish. This little ball of relief allows you to target a specific area and comes with a one year unconditional guarantee.
Ball of foot pain is very common in most adults and can often be treated with metatarsal inserts. Click here to view our entire selection of treatment options for Ball of Foot Pain. Also check us out on Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest!

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