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Leg length discrepancy, a condition where the legs are of unequal lengths, is very common. Up to a majority of individuals have leg length discrepancy, although with an average discrepancy of less than 1.1cm, for most it won't be a major problem. However, even minor imbalances can become problematic when the legs come under a lot of stress, such as during running.

The strain caused by leg length discrepancy can have knock-on effects on the health of the foot, as they often eliminate the benefits of orthotic shoe insoles, which are invariably supplied in equal pairs. One of the best ways to offset your leg imbalances, keeping your posture stable and feet protected, is through the use of heel lifts. Also known as heel elevators, they do exactly what they say on the tin, providing an extra lift at the back of the foot to balance out leg length discrepancies. Below we've profiled the top five Best Heel Lifts that we have available for purchase here at Shoe Insoles.

Basic Heel Elevators

Best Heel LiftsThe Basic Heel Elevators are an easy to use and reliable product. They are available in different sizes and heights in order to match your shoe size and particular degree of leg length discrepancy. Adhesive-backed, the Heel Elevators can easily be secured to orthotics or insoles for secure, non-slip use.

The Heel Elevators are suitable for the treatment of Achilles tendinitis and heel pain, as well as leg length discrepancy in general. Superb value, they can be purchased either in a pack of 2 or a pack of 10, so you can use a Heel Elevator with each pair of shoes that you wear.

Clearly Adjustable Heel Lift

Best Heel LiftsIf you'd prefer an all-in-one, height adjustable solution, the Clearly Adjustable Heel Lift may be the product for you. By removal and replacement of the self-adhesive plastic layers, the Clearly Adjustable Heel Lift allows for staged introduction into or away from heel lift therapy. It is designed to be placed under the footbed or insole, moulding to the shoe so that both shoes in a pair fit and feel alike.  

The fine control of elevation which is possible using the Clearly Adjustable Heel Lift makes it easier to achieve an optimum fit for the best levels of comfort. Additionally, the Clearly Adjustable Heel Lift is easy to clean and does not retain odour, making it suitable for long-term use.

Adjust-A-Lift Heel Lift

Best Heel LiftsAnother adjustable heel lift, the Adjust-A-Lift Heel Lift provides a slightly softer fit than the Clearly Adjustable Heel Lift. Alongside removable neoprene layers for adjustment, the Adjust-A-Lift features a leather top layer which is both comfortable and absorbent, protecting the shoe from excess sweat.

The Adjust-A-Lift is quick and easy to use, since neither the footbed or insole needs to be removed in order to apply the lift. This sort of convenience makes the Adjust-A-Lift a perfect option for anyone that is experimenting with getting relief via heel lifts.

Podotech Cork Heel Lifts

Best Heel LiftsThe Podotech Cork Heel Lifts are shock-absorbing heel inserts that are supplied in pairs. Providing a 9mm lift each, they are designed to be glued together if more height is needed. Economical and versatile, these heel lifts can be worn either above or below the sole according to your preference. This makes them suitable for a number of different insole configurations. 

Composed of hard-wearing cork, the Podotech Cork Heel Lifts are designed to be durable and long-lasting. They feature a slim-fit which means they are able to fit into the majority of shoe styles available on the market.

Sidas Essential Pro Heel Lifts

Best Heel LiftsThe Sidas Essential Pro Heel Lifts are ideal for the sporty user. Their ability to absorb impact makes them highly effective as volume reducers for ski or snowboarding boots. The Sidas Essential Pro Heel Lifts are designed to be worn under existing insoles.

Notwithstanding this, the Sidas Essential Pro Heel Lifts are suitable for use in everyday footwear, providing relief for a number of conditions including shin splints and Achilles tendinitis. 

Offset Imbalances

For sufferers of leg length discrepancy, heel lifts not only help to reduce pain and improve stability, they also increase the effectiveness of orthotic insoles and inserts, potentially helping to protect you from a whole host of foot conditions. Some heel lifts come in preset heights, whereas others are adjustable, and which one to select will ultimately be a question of personal preference and budget. 

If you'd like to broaden your search to include the entire range, please visit our Heel Lifts category.

Best Heel Lifts

Basic Heel Elevators

  • Easy to use heel lifts
  • Can be applied to a range of orthotics
  • Self-adhesive backing for easy application
  • Available in three thicknesses and three sizes
Best Heel Lifts    In stock now
From:  £4.99


Best Heel Lifts

Clearly Adjustable Heel Lift

  • For leg length discrepancy
  • Clear, durable vinyl
  • Fine control of elevation for customised comfort
  • Available in 3 sizes
Best Heel Lifts    In stock now


Best Heel Lifts

Adjust-A-Lift Heel Lift

  • Adjustable layers to help match leg length discrepancies
  • Comfortable and absorbing leather top layer
  • 3 x 3mm adjustable levels to match your needs
  • Insoles or footbeds in shoes do not need to be removed
Best Heel Lifts    In stock now


Best Heel Lifts

Podotech Cork Heel Lifts (9mm)

  • Simple and effective way of lifting the heel to provide relief from pain and a number of conditions
  • Economical and durable due to being made from cork
  • Available in a range of sizes for the best fit
  • Can be worn above or below Your Sole Insole to ensure the best comfort and support
Best Heel Lifts    In stock now


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