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Regardless of if you wear high heels by day or by night, the discomfort caused by this type of footwear is always the same. Usually localised in your heels and the balls of your feet this pain can cause plantar fasciitis, a condition that lasts for up to nine months.

As such, it's integral that you take the steps necessary to prevent this pain from occurring in the first place. At, we've compiled a list of our favourite shoe insoles for high heels, all of which have also had excellent feedback from our customers. Take a look by reading our blog.

Pedag Lady Metatarsal Support Insoles

Best IDEASTEP INSOLEs for High HeelsEquipped to tackle metatarsal pain for those who wear high heels on a regular basis, the Pedag Lady Metatarsal Support Insoles help you get the support you need. When it's just not possible to stop wearing high heels, these insoles provide comfortable stability.

Designed with a ball of foot cushion, the supports prevent your arches from lowering. As high heels have recently been found to potentially cause flat feet, this feature helps you get back on your feet with confidence.

Key Features: Provides forefoot support, incorporates a ball of foot cushion

Insolia High Heel Shoe Inserts

Best IDEASTEP INSOLEs for High HeelsWhile most shoe insoles that attempt to tackle high heel pain simply pad the foot, the Insolia High Heel Shoe Inserts actually help to shift your body weight. This reduces the strain placed on not just your feet, but also your legs and back.

When you're searching for a high heel shoe insole or insert, one of the main things to consider is whether it's discreet enough to use without drawing attention. After all, you wear high heels to look good! These High Heel Shoe Inserts are lightweight and discreet, allowing you to enjoy your evening without fear of embarrassment.

Key Features: Discreet and lightweight design, helps shift your body weight to reduce strain

Powerstep Slenderfit Fashion Orthotic Insoles

Best IDEASTEP INSOLEs for High HeelsIf you would prefer insoles that have been designed with the female foot in mind, the Powerstep Slenderfit Fashion Orthotic Insoles are for you. After all, men and women's feet are vastly different, and this difference only widens when it comes to wearing high heels. These insoles have a unique 'S' shaped shell that cradles your heel and provides excellent full arch support.

Unlike some insoles, the Powerstep Slenderfit Orthotic Insoles have been designed with targeted and controlled cushioning to provide you with the support you need only where you need it. This includes built-in metatarsal cushioning, which alleviates pressure under the ball of the foot for improved comfort and protection.

Key Features: Uniquely shaped shell cradles your heel, provides targeted cushioning to the ball of your foot

Blue Point 3/4 High Heel Insoles with Metatarsal Pad

Best IDEASTEP INSOLEs for High HeelsHave you ever wanted to party all night long but your heels have always held you back? If so, the Blue Point 3/4 High Heel Insoles with Metatarsal Pad make this dream possible. These supports have been constructed from medical-grade viscoelastic silicone and provide extra cushioning in the most vulnerable area of your foot: the metatarsal area. Designed also with shock-absorbing properties, these insoles relieve the pain that often spreads beyond your feet after a night out.

When they're worn with high-heeled shoes, the Blue Point High Heel Insoles help relieve fatigue, metatarsal pain and metatarsalgia, all of which are often associated with high heel use. The blue section of this range highlight Your Sole Insole's targeted areas; in this case, the ball of your foot is targeted. As this is the area that's most widely affected by high heel use, these inserts are highly effective on a night out.

Key Features: Constructed from medical-grade viscoelastic silicone, provides targeted relief to the balls of your feet

Langer Bio Fashion Low Density Insoles

Best IDEASTEP INSOLEs for High HeelsFeaturing contoured arch supports, the Langer Bio Fashion Low Density Insoles help control your arches with every step you take. This helps prevent flat feet while also working to correct your gait. These particular inserts have been designed specifically to reduce the strain placed on your feet as a result of wearing heeled shoes.

Supplied with two forefoot soft spots that reduce pressure on the balls of your feet, the Fashion Low Density Insoles are perfect for using with high heels. These particular insoles include several components that allow you to tailor the level of support you receive according to your needs. For example, if you find that you overpronate while you walk in heels, the supplied inner medial rearfoot posts can also be added to your insoles to reduce this.

Key Features: Includes a number of components to personalise your insoles, provides contoured arch support

Have you tried out any of these shoe insoles? If so, let us know what you thought in the comments, or find us on Facebook or Twitter!

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