Celebrities Who Swear By Orthotics

Celebrities Who Swear By OrthoticsCould orthotics be considered glamorous?

Maybe not on their own, but they can certainly add to glamour — and comfort — as demonstrated by top Hollywood celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Kristen Bell.

Both stars confess to wearing orthotics on the red carpet, because they know that high heels are a bad fit for the health and condition of their feet.

In fact, at a recent BAFTA Brittania awards red carpet appearance, Helena Bonham Carter removed her heels, held them in her hands, and walked barefoot. Now that’s making a fashion statement that we can get behind!

The red-carpet question of “who are you wearing?” never took into account comfort, support, and structure – until now.

The answer: orthotics, which are simply devices that relieve or correct an orthopedic problem.

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Scarlett Johnansson, best known for her super-physical turn in the X-Men movies, as well as critically acclaimed roles in Lost In TranslationVicky Cristina Barcelona, and Match Point, appears regularly on lists naming Hollywood’s most admired actors and modern sex symbols. She knows that, over time, wearing high heels can do serious damage to feet, ankles and legs. Wearing orthotics on a daily or even event-by-event basis can help support feet and prevent pain and injury. It also takes the pressure off the lower back.

Kristen Bell is an accomplished actress who appeared on Broadway in The Crucible and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and on film in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Frozen (voicing Princess Anna). She’s currently on TV, in the hit CBS sitcom The Good Place. She uses orthotics to combat the injury done by heels and tight-fitting shoes, which causes damage to the foot’s structure.

The problem, of course: many celebrities wear badly fitting or uncomfortable shoes as a fashion statement. However, both celebrities and regular people everywhere are starting to realize and appreciate the benefits of wearing orthotics. In fact, orthotics come to the rescue not just during red-carpet events, but in non-glamorous daily life: doing chores, walking, and simply living. 

The most common use of orthotics is to help prevent arch and heel pain (Plantar Fasciitis), but there are orthotics and Plantar Fascitiis shoes for every type of foot dysfunction.

For instance, diabetic and arthritic patients usually wear a soft orthotic, to absorb shock and remove pressure. For younger athletes, a more rigid orthotic is preferred, giving the feet and legs more structure.

As celebrities on the red carpet have found, orthotics restore normal balance and alignment of the body, and can save them hundreds or even thousands of dollars in future chiropractic bills. Now we can truly say, “looking good never hurt anyone!” 

Hint: they make great stocking stuffers this holiday season!

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