Choosing Wool Insoles

When seeking out wool insoles, our customers often ask for advice on choosing the best option for themselves.  There are primarily two types of wool insoles – flat cushioned and orthotics. With new advances in orthotics, your feet can now experience the ultimate in foot comfort with wool. Keeping your feet warm is very important; they get cold fast, and frostbite can occur if they’re exposed to frigid temperatures for too long. Besides being dangerous, the fact is, no one enjoys having cold feet! Hikers, campers, folks who live in colder climates, etc. have been turning to wool socks for years and with good reason, wool is a natural material that has moisture-wicking properties, is soft to the touch and insulates the feet keeping them warm and dry. But what if you choose to build insulation right into your shoes with wool insoles? Let’s take a closer look at some of our products and their properties.

Flat Cushion Wool Insoles 

For customers who are not dealing with any particular foot conditions and/or pain, we recommend thin cushion insoles for shock absorption and wool for warmth.

Pedag Alaska Wool Insoles: The Pedag Alaska Wool Insoles are the true definition of warm and cozy. These insoles are made of 100% pure lamb’s wool and will keep your feet warm and dry with their built-in moisture-wicking technology. The Alaska’s feature an anti-slip latex under-sole to ensure Your Sole Insole stays in place.


Pedag Solar Wool Insoles: The Pedag Solar Wool Insoles are specially designed to keep the harsh winter cold out of your tight fitting dress, casual and athletic shoes. The thin design doesn’t compromise your foot space while the foam middle layer adds warmth and coziness at the same time. This insole is also very effective for ski, snowboarding and skate boots. The Pedag solar wool contain an anti-skid aluminum reflector shield on the bottom to keep the cold out and trap the warmth in.

UGG Wool Insoles: One of the best selling wool insoles are the UGG Sheepskin Wool Replacement Insoles, which offer pure, luxurious comfort. Imagine stepping into a thick sheepskin wool insole that instantly makes your feet relax. The sole of Your Sole Insole is 10 mm of latex foam and contains a EVA rubber liner so you feel as if you are walking on clouds, meanwhile your feet stay warm.

Wool Orthotic Arch Supports

If you can’t stand the idea of not having, or you simply need, arch support in your shoes, then you will be glad to know that wool insoles are available that keep your toes toasty warm and your feet supported for foot pain relief.

Pedag Viva Winter Insoles: This insole changes the game of orthotic insoles with its wool quilted top cover, and built in metatarsal pad and arch pad for maximum support. The Pedag Viva Winter not only keep your feet warm but restores your natural arch functions. This orthotic is perfect for soothing foot pain from conditions such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, Achilles tendonitis, arch pain and more.

Superfeet Merino Grey™ Premium insoles: Superfeet Merino Grey Premium insoles are ideal for hiking boots, hunting boots, work (industrial) boots, military boots, rain boots and even winter sports boots. Not only do these insoles keep your feet warm but that also drastically reduce overpronation. Overpronation occurs when your foot falls to the inside as you walk, and the misalignment ends up causing new foot problems. A built-in foam cushioning on the sole extends throughout the whole length of these grey, trim-to-fit insoles, while the deep heel cup works to stabilize your heel.

Powerstep Journey Wool Insoles: The Powerstep Journey Wool Full-length Insoles are a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Featuring a semi-rigid arch support and maximum cushioning, these insoles make the perfect insulated insert for your hiking boots, snow boots, or ski/snowboard boots.

No matter what wool insole choose you can be assured that your feet will be both warm and cozy. The Insole Store offers a wide variety of flat and orthotic arch supports covered in lamb, sheepskin, and angora natural wool insoles for both men and women. You can view our entire selection of wool insoles here.

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