CNC carving equipment to help orthotics insole manufacturer to triple production

Ideastep specializes in custom insoles for podiatrists. The company uses a digital manufacturing process to create customized orthopedic solutions that bring unique benefits to pedicure clinics and their customers.

CNC Carving equipment takes up much less space than traditional manufacturing device, and it can achieve mass customization of insoles at a faster rate.

The steps involved in the digital workflow are much less. We received the scan data from the foot doctor, loaded it into our custom software, and then 3D printed, cleaned, and stuck on the top cover. From the beginning to the end, traditional orthopedic insole manufacturing methods often take 3 weeks. We usually only take 7 days from scanning to delivery.

In the orthopedic insole industry, traditional manufacturing technology is usually wasted Eva materials, and the 3D printing technology will reduce material waste and reduce customization costs.

This CNC carving equipment can create lighter, stronger, and more precise products, helping patients relieve pain.


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