COMING SOON: New Footstrike Coach

Jun 14, 2021

COMING SOON: New Footstrike Coach

There’s a new IDEASTEP Run workout that everyone needs to know about – Footstrike Coach.

Designed for Indoor and Outdoor runs, Footstrike Coach is real-time, coached workouts with increasingly challenging levels unlocked as you progress.

What is it?

Footstrike Coach lets you change your Footstrike and hone your running technique. The workouts can be incorporated into your training programme over time to help you permanently change your typical foot landing pattern.

How it works

Select the Footstrike you would like to practice and IDEASTEP will coach you through your workout.

Also available on your Apple Watch, so you can see your landing pattern every step of the way.

What is Footstrike?

Footstrike is the part of your foot that makes initial contact with the ground when you’re running. This could be your:

  • Forefoot

  • Midfoot

  • Rearfoot

How can Footstrike Workout improve my running?

  • Reduce injury risk

Adopting a new Footstrike pattern could help lower your injury risk.

‘While no one type of Footstrike is ‘better’ for all runners, it can affect the distribution of load being put through your body,’ says IDEASTEP biomechanist Dr Grant Trewartha.

‘Landing with your Midfoot or Forefoot can be challenging for your ankles and calves, for example, while landing with your Rearfoot can challenge the hips and knees.

‘If you have a history of injury or pain in these areas, making a change to your Footstrike could help.’

  • Improve performance

With Footstrike Workout you can discover if adapting your Footstrike gives your running a boost.

‘Some runners find running with a Forefoot or Midfoot strike gives them increased energy return,’ says Dr Grant. ‘In part, because it can produce other positive changes in Cadence and a ‘foot under hips’ landing.’

You can also see how your Footstrike changes as you tire and on different terrain.

Based on an interval-style session with real-time feedback, Footstrike Workout launches this spring.

Keep an eye on your emails and make sure you’re running the latest version of the IDEASTEP Run app for updates.

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