Compartment pressure in the foot. Analysis of normal values and measurement technique

This clinical trial was carried out to verify the validity of the current objective compartment pressure parameters described in the forearm and leg for use in the foot. The authors evaluated the compartment pressures of the central plantar compartment in 25 normal volunteers (94 separate measurements). In addition to determining an average normal foot compartment pressure, two methods of measurement were compared. Results showed no significant difference in normal values through the use of an arterial line monitor technique (5.98 +/- 2.78 mm Hg [SD]) as compared with a Stryker intracompartmental pressure monitor (4.69 +/- 2.62 mm Hg [SD]). It was found that pedal edema caused a statistically significant increase in pressures. The authors propose a standard technique for pedal compartment pressure measurement and discuss diagnosis and management of compartment syndrome in the foot.

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