[Construction characteristics of a multi-component force platform for orthopedic problems]

For many orthopedic problems it is very important to know the forces and moments under the feet during walking. In many hospitals commercial force plates measuring several components of force and moments by piezo–force transducers are installed. These equipments have wide ranges and high resonant frequencies allowing to record high forces with high slew rates as e.g. in sports. Such wide ranges and high resonant frequencies are not necessary during the investigation of handicapped patients in orthopedics. However when measuring the small vertical forces e.g. at the end of the stance phase during walking, the resolution of the commercial equipment is insufficient. So it is not possible to determine the exact position of the force vector or the moments. Therefore we developed a low cost force plate according to the wants of orthopedic investigations. It has a high resolution even when measuring small loads, a range up to 2.5 kN in vertical direction and a resonant frequency greater than 140 cycles/s.

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