When your feet are aching, one thing that will be sure to make them feel better is cushion insoles. When your shoes are worn out and your insoles aren’t supporting your feet anymore, cushion insoles can be vital.

Cushion insoles can be the solution to that annoying, unanswered foot pain. Here’s a list of five of the top cushion insoles, sure to provide foot pain relief, available at TheInsoleStore.com .


1. Spenco® Polysorb Cross Trainer Insoles

Cushion Insoles for Your Aching Feet
cushion insoles


If you spend quite a bit of time running, jogging, walking or participating in other sports and physical activities, the Spenco Orthotic insoles will be the right match for your feet. These are easily removed and are able to be worn during all sports and physical activities. The cross-trainer insoles will most likely outlast the lives of your favorite pair of athletic shoes. They are built for cushion, comfort, and durability. Your arches will be supported, your heels will be aligned and cushioned, and best of all, they are American Podiatric Medical Association approved.



2. ProThotics Therapeutic Wide Insoles

If you’re diabetic, you’ve been told time and time again that your feet are a weak spot for your body. Certainly the shoes you wear can harm you, but wearing excellent insoles made specifically for diabetics with wide feet can only help you. These insoles are designed to fit in shoes with a deep toe box to give you plenty of wiggle room. Made with a substance called Plastazote®, you get insoles with a 3/16th inch thick base that can be trimmed. They’re helpful for those with neurological foot disorders as well as plantar fasciitis.


3. New Balance Motion Control Insoles IMC3210 Sports Cushion Insoles

Motion Control Insoles like these can be used in athletic shoes, dress shoes, boots, and hiking shoes. They are designed to be worn as replacement insoles for shoes with removable insoles. With great arch support, heel support, cushioning, and custom made air flow channels, your feet have total comfort and support. Like other New Balance insoles, these New Balance Motion Control Insoles are EVA-free, Latex-free and PVC-free.


4. Spenco Polysorb FLOW Warm Insoles

These insoles were created to provide heat insulation with their reflective thermal barrier and Air-Channel technology. This design allows air circulation around the foot, perfect for those with foot conditions, a low thyroid function, poor blood circulation, or just naturally cold feet. Grab a pair or two of these Spenco insoles if you work outside in cold weather or live in a cold climate. Although these are a discontinued product from Spenco, there is still a select few amount left at TheInsoleStore.com.


5. Spenco® Polysorb Wide Fit Walker Runner Insoles

These Spenco® insoles are for those who need extra cushioning in the heel. They’re great for wide feet up to size 4E, and have a layer of cushioning 5/32” thick with additional foam cushioning for the heel cup. Accepted and recommended by the American Podiatric Association.

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