Dasco Insoles: Quality You Can Trust

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The Dasco brand has been developed by Dunkelman & Son Limited, a British shoe care manufacturer with a worldwide reputation for producing high-quality shoe and foot care products. This premium range of products includes genuine leather, real cork and pure lambswool insoles that are designed to cushion feet for all-day comfort, every day.

As well as providing support to enhance the comfort level of everyday shoes, Dasco's durable and reliable insoles are also effective for preventing and relieving a number of foot problems and conditions, ranging from blisters and bunions, to osteoarthritis and sesamoiditis. Read on to find out more about how Dasco insoles can benefit your feet.

Dasco Insoles: Quality You Can TrustFine Leather Insoles

Dasco's leather insoles are made from high-quality leather, which is durable, comfortable and conforms to the shape of your foot with wear to provide a superior fit. The Dasco leather insoles, such as the Dasco Men's or Dasco Ladies' Fine Leather Insoles, have been padded to boost their ability to absorb shock, protecting feet from impact whenever they make contact with a hard surface. This reduces foot fatigue and pain, providing you with enhanced comfort wherever you go. As leather is naturally moisture-absorbent and odour-resistant, leather insoles have a natural ability to keep feet and shoes dry and fresh. To further enhance hygiene and promote freshness, the Dasco leather insoles have been treated with an anti-microbial hygiene function to prevent foot odour.

Dasco Insoles: Quality You Can TrustPure Lambswool Insoles

Made from real lambswool, Dasco's lambswool insoles are soft and comfortable, with a remarkable natural ability to keep feet cool in the summer and warm in winter. Due to this thermal capability, these wool insoles are ideal for warming the feet of individuals with poor circulation, arthritis, diabetes or Raynaud's disease. For warmth and comfort, look no further than the Dasco Ladies', Men's or Child's Lambswool Insoles.

Padded with a layer of foam, these comfy shoe insoles not only feet luxurious underfoot, but also cushion the feet to reduce impact when you walk. This prevents feet from getting sore and tired. While perfect for everyday wear in any climate, the Dasco Lambswool insoles are also ideal for outdoor work, work in cold environments and winter sports. 

Interested in owning a pair of Dasco high-quality shoe insoles? Click here to view our full range. 

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