Decreased Vertical Trunk Inclination Angle and Pelvic Inclination as the Result of Mid-High-Heeled Footwear on Static Posture Parameters in Asymptomatic Young Adult Women

The influence of high-heel footwear on the lumbar lordosis angle, anterior pelvic tilt, and sacral tilt are inconsistently described in the literature. This study aimed to investigate the impact of medium-height heeled footwear on the static posture parameters of homogeneous young adult standing women. Heel geometry, data acquisition process, as well as data analysis and parameter extraction stage, were controlled. Seventy-six healthy young adult women with experience in wearing high-heeled shoes were enrolled. Data of fifty-three subjects were used for analysis due to exclusion criteria (scoliotic posture or missing measurement data). A custom structured light surface topography measurement system was used for posture parameters assessment. Three barefoot measurements were taken as a reference and tested for the reliability of the posture parameters. Two 30-degree wedges were used to imitate high-heel shoes to achieve a repeatable foot position. Our study confirmed the significant (p < 0.001) reduced vertical balance angle and pelvis inclination angle with large and medium-to-large effects, respectively, due to high-heel shoes. No significant differences were found in the kyphosis or lordosis angles. High-heeled shoes of medium height in young asymptomatic women can lead to a straightening effect associated with a reduced vertical balance angle and decreased pelvic inclination.

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