Diabetes is a serious illness. The American Podiatric Medical Association recommends that those who suffer from diabetes should check their feet everyday. Check for areas of abrasion, irritation, inflammation, color, texture, odor, firm or hardened areas, or other changes to their feet.

It is also recommended that diabetes sufferers see their healthcare professional at least once a year for a full foot screening and immediately if there are any signs of changes or broken skin or ulcers. Foot problems are the leading cause of hospitalizations for patients with diabetes and about half of patients with diabetes have nerve damage, which can cause numbness, pain, and weakness in the feet or other parts of the body.

Patients should wash their feet frequently with warm, not hot, water and dry them thoroughly; especially, between the toes. Moisturizers should be applied, but not between the toes. Corns and calluses should be gently pumiced and toenails trimmed short and the edges filed to avoid cutting adjacent toes. Use an emery board, not a metal file, to avoid cutting your skin when you file your nails.

Well-fitting footwear is very important. A recent study revealed Spenco Diabetic Foot Beds & the Prothotic Diabetic Insoles are designed with a supportive arch and neutral heel for diabetes sufferers to help provide the cushioning and support necessary to help in distribution of foot pressure. For proper foot support & conditioning for diabetic feet, visit The Insole Store.com today!

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