Does your child need a pair of foot orthotics?

Nowadays, more and more people wear orthotic insoles with arch support to relieve foot pain, improve athletic performance, and/or enhance footwear with more comfort and cushioning.
But children do not, and foot problems during childhood are often ignored or unaddressed. Eventually, the small problems further develop into biomechanical foot deformation and result in problems with the knees, hips, and spine. Usually, the child is then suffering from back pain, foot problems. The symptom is more common especially for those who play soccer, baseball, or basketball.

As Chiropractic Economics points out, as children grow into adolescence, foot problems from childhood can interfere with spinal function, resulting in poor biomechanics degenerative changes in the knees, hips, and spine. Addressing these issues as they appear can ensure that your child’s development is not affected in the long run. In other words, the earlier treatment in childhood, the better the outcome. Although a lack of arches isn’t serious, the foot arch can be reshaped, and reconstructed in childhood; bone growth and alignment can be adjusted back to the natural position and shape with the help of children’s foot orthotics.

A lack of full arches seems normal, based on the fact that arches are usually forming at ages of 2 to 6, some even at age of eight. But be careful of potential flat feet for children with some common signs as follows:
Pronation – Looking from behind, the child walks on the inside of the feet, instead of on the sole.
Foot Pain – In most cases, it’s caused by fallen arches.
Back Pain – Complaining about back pain, the child is better to see a doctor.
And there could be other risks of serious foot problems.

Fortunately, the solution is quite simple. A suitable pair of orthotic insoles can do.
Tips: Using an OTC orthotic without first consulting with a podiatrist may cause the child’s foot more pain.

Arch support foot orthotics


Ideastep supplies a type of insoles #NY-660 for children. Simple design, but great function.
As we can see, the insoles are made of two layers of EVA, with arch support, deep heel cup, high flanges as well as KOBESKY design.

The arch support is semi-rigid, so it is flexible for different arches conditions, no matter it is a high arch, low arch, fallen arch, or medium arch, etc.  Proper arch support will be there whenever the child’s foot stands on the insole.  And the parents do not have to worry they get the wrong type of insoles.

The deep heel cup, high flanges and KOBESKY reverse design, all together, help to stabilize the foot in position, align correctly and naturally, and also hold the foot in the right shape.

The main materials are EVA without additional decorative high-cost and misleading materials. So more people can afford to help their children’s feet healthy!

Deep heel cup with KOBESKY


IDEASTEP can’t be happier to find that more and more children get rid of foot problems!

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