Don’t Stop at Just Shoes — Wear BioSoft Bamboo Socks

Just reading this (and considering the benefits of Orthofeet footwear) shows that you care about your feet – but make sure you take the next step to assure that you are giving your feet the total loving care they deserve. Purchasing quality socks – engineered with all the proper functional features for comfort and protection – is as important as buying shoes. 

Don’t Stop at Just Shoes --  Wear BioSoft Bamboo Socks

When most people think of “bad socks,” they think of one thing: odor. However, socks that don’t fit or wear well can cause or intensify a host of additional problems: blisters and calluses, fungus and related infections, poor ventilation, and a lack of proper padding during physical activity (even everyday walking). And yes, odor is always a concern: the less irritation and tension your socks induce, the less likely it is for your feet to generate perspiration and odor.

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Here’s a textile term to know when shopping for socks that will present you as an educated consumer: wicking. Its meaning: transferring moisture from one area to another. In the case of socks, you want to keep moisture away from settling on your feet and causing problems, especially as you walk or exercise. A good pair of socks contains wicking fabric, moving moisture away from your feet.

When purchasing socks, take a little more time to consider how they will be kind to your feet:

  • Be certain you are buying the proper size – your toes and heels should rest comfortably in the sock, in the right places. Socks that are too tight, for instance, will cause irritation and generate and trap moisture.
  • A sock that stretches means that it will work with you – it will be flexible enough to maximize blood flow, comfort and fit, without constricting your feet.
  • The thickest socks are not always the best choice. Many shoes don’t have extra room to accommodate thick socks, making a tight fit, which might hurt your feet.

We’ve designed our BioSoftTM Bamboo Diabetic Socks to meet all of the above requirements and considerations. Check out these important features and benefits:

Moisture Wicking System – now that you know what wicking means (see definition above), you’ll also learn our trademarked system is designed specifically to keep your feet dry and comfortable by moving moisture away. It’s especially beneficial for diabetic feet, which are often ultra-sensitive.  

Non-Constricting Design – super stretch! Its loose-knit construction enhances fit, comfort, and maximum blood flow.

Seam-free – avoid blisters and other irritations thanks to this unique inverse design linking. No seams on the insides means you won’t feel the sock with every step.

Anti-Bacterial/Anti-Odor – inhibit bacteria and control foot odor with the natural properties of this bamboo anti-bacterial and anti-odor feature.

Anti-Blister – minimize friction and provide maximum comfort and protection with these soft bamboo fibers that produce a unique brushing process. Added benefit: an extremely soft sock interior.

Soft and Comfortable– eliminate irritation on your skin by reducing shear forces when you walk. These bamboo fibers will help make your walk effortless.

Ideal for sensitive feet – in particular — people with diabetes, neuropathy, circulatory problems, and edema.

Find out more about BioSoftTM Bamboo Diabetic Socks here.

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