Dynamic plantar pressure measurement for the normal subject: Free-mapping model for the analysis of pediatric foot deformities

In measuring plantar pressures during gait, prior methods have divided the foot into five regions and neglected forefoot alignment as it is involved in intoeing and outtoeing. The authors’ proposed free-mapping method divides the foot into nine regions and incorporates a pedobarograph foot progression angle. The purpose of the study was to provide normal pressure parameter data during stance phase using a free-mapping model. Sixty-six normal children, ages 6 to 16 years, were recruited and walked along the 5-m walkway at self-selected speeds. The mean and standard deviation for the plantar contact area, contact time, peak pressure, maximal mean pressure, pressure-time integral, force-time integral, instant of peak pressure, and instant of maximum force in nine foot regions are reported. These normative data will provide a basis with which assessment of foot deformities involved in clubfoot, pes planus, and cavus foot will be more accurately defined.

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