[Electronic plantar pressure measurements in different types of moutaineering boots]

Specific footwear has been developed for different, partly newly developed mountain sports. This footwear has very different basic characteristics. This experimental study is dealing with the dynamic parameters of electronic plantar pressure measurements in normal walking using different mountain sport shoes designed for a special purpose in mountaineering. These mountain shoes included a hiking shoe, a trekking shoe and a high-alpine shoe which can take crampons. The electronic plantar pressure measurements were done with the Parotec system of the company Paromed with insoles with hydrocell-sensors. The data obtained during the study were proceeded through a variant analysis. There were no significant differences for impulse and contact time, nevertheless concerning maximal pressure there were significant differences between walking barefoot and walking with the hiking and high-alpine shoe. Even when walking in different mountain shoes the feet conserve their own characteristics and their walking style. The different mountain shoes did not alter most of the measured plantar parameters significantly comparing barefoot walking to walking with the different mountain shoes or comparing walking in the different mountain shoes.

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