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“I was pleasantly surprised when my wife showed me the package that I received today with the correct insoles. You made me one “happy” customer! We immediately put the incorrect insoles in the box they came in, turned the bag inside out , affixed your label and took it to the post office and mailed it back to you! I wanted to respond to your email that I saw when returning home and not only thank you, but also thank Darrick, Joyce and Ian in getting this issue resolved for me! I put a note in the return package to Austin thanking you guys! I am sure that I will be doing business with your firm in the future and will “spread” the word around to contact The Insole Store should they need any of your products! Have a great Thanksgiving!!”

Sincerely, Bill

Ideastep Insole is an orthotics manufacturer, Offer OEM & ODM.

Your Sole Insole Shop provide Orthotics for flat feet, High arch, Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain…

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