Exploratory study on the natural ground electric current that flows through human body as a possible pathway for the therapeutic effects of beach going

This paper explores the electrical nature of sandy beach and proposes a pathway for the therapeutic effects of beach going. The electric potential and current generated on the ground across the human body and resistors were measured. The ground was found to have a non-homogenous electric potential which generated a potential difference between any two points on the ground. A power curve, similar to a battery, in the nanowatt range was obtained. This power appeared to be stable across time but varies across ground location. Standing on the beach with dry feet did not allow any current in the micro-ampere range to conduct. But upon moistening the feet, the body electrical resistance was reduced by 94% and the ground potential difference across the two feet was sufficient to drive a micro-ampere range current through the body. This may be one reason for the therapeutic effects of being on the beach.

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