Gel sandals aren’t out yet, but they could very well be the next type of sandals on the stores of The Insole Store and online. Why not? When you wear gel insoles, your feet are cushioned so much from the environment. They make you feel as if you’re walking on a cloud. Any and all foot pain disappears with gel insoles.


Gel Sandals Could Eliminate Bad Foot Days at the Beach
gel sandals


Gel sandals could come in handy when you’re on the beach. Have you ever walked barefoot on the beach and suddenly found yourself screaming out in pain because you walked right on top of a jagged rock you didn’t see coming ahead? Ouch! That hurts.


If you had gel sandals, the gel in the sandals would neutralize the feeling of the jagged edges of the rock. Imagine that. You’d probably never have another bad foot day in your life.


In order for a footwear company to create gel sandals, they still have a lot of work to do. They’ll have to invent a type of gel material that acts like gel but is lightweight. The process would probably be similar to the development of EVA foam. EVA foam is used in many different types of insoles and orthotics on the market now. It’s not a hard plastic type of foam that is too hard and causes problems when you walk on it; instead EVA foam is more flexible yet durable. It is also lightweight.


The big question is who is secretly developing gel sandals right now that we don’t know about. Hint: It’s probably not the Russians!  Do you think it will be Superfeet? They’ve been one of the forerunners to all types of different orthotics and shoe inserts as well as insoles. Or do you think it will be Birkenstock? They’ve been around the longest – since the early 1900s.


Or maybe the secret technology of gel sandals will come from the Germans at the Pedag company. Pedag emphasizes all natural ingredients and perhaps has already found a way to meld the softness of wool and fleece with the gel like material found in the body in joints. Connective tissue of the joints contains a mucopolysaccharide type of material that perhaps could be somehow duplicated. Or maybe the natural substance to use is gelatin itself. It’s easy enough to find in nature. And if anyone would be on the hunt for a natural substance, it would be Pedag.

Gel Sandals Could Eliminate Bad Foot Days at the Beach


Or perhaps someone at NASA already knows about a substance found on the surface of the moon that has gel-like properties, and that could be what some companies are experimenting with in their advanced technology laboratories right now as we ‘speak’.


If you’re following the shoe industry materials as closely as you follow the most expensive shoe lines such as those seen on the television show, Sex and The City, then you’ll be among the first to know what’s happening. The next question is will gel sandals be the next thing to invest in? If they’re so comfortable, would it pay off later to invest in it?


Gel sandals are the next up and coming sandals. Get ready for them.

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