Have Trouble Tying Your Shoes? Try This Innovative Tie-Less System

Have Trouble Tying Your Shoes? Try This Innovative Tie-Less SystemOne of the milestones of life is learning how to tie your shoes, but for many people, this simple task can become difficult and even painful.  Orthofeet has come up with a unique solution:  a Tie-Less Lacing System, which allows users to fasten and unfasten their shoes without the physical act of tying laces. What’s more: the shoe retains the look of a conventional lacing system, so that the shoe does not look “therapeutic.”

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How the system works:

  • The laces integrate with hook & loop straps (made of Velcro), which are attached to both sides of the shoe.
  • Simply use the Velcro tab to fasten the shoe. Do this simple step instead of actually tying the laces.
  • Your choice – decide which side you want to fasten – whichever is easier.
  • To unfasten the shoe, simply pull the tab the opposite way.

The system is easy to use and foolproof: nobody will know that you are wearing a special shoe.

Additionally, Orthofeet Tie-Less shoes offer the world’s most comfortable footwear system of a non-binding fit, extra room for toe movement, and protection against pressure points. Its anatomical orthotic insole and ergonomic sole offer precise support and effective cushioning, providing consistent quality and comfort for every step you take!

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