Heat Moldable Insoles–your instant custom insoles

A pair of custom made insoles usually mean perfect fit of the feet, the unique shape and structure, and perhaps the specific needs.
However, it also means high costs and more time–manufacturing costs, foot casting or scanning, courier costs, about 2-week waiting time, and so on.
Oh, my godness, it is absolutely a torture, when a person is suffering foot pain in hope of relief with the custom made insoles.
That makes no sense to pay high and wait long-time, and unfortunately keep standing the foot pain.
What’s worse, the pair may not work, or have to leave there and change a new one, when the foot conditions change.

Foot casting / imprints or scanning for custom made insoles


So is there a way with low-cost and short waiting time?
Sure, why not try heat moldable insoles?
The whole process will take only 10 minutes or less before you can try it on and get foot pain relief immediately.
Such custom made insoles also feature perfect fit to the unique foot shape.
And the working process is easy in three steps.
Step 1. Heat up the insoles in a toaster or oven. The temperature is at 120 degrees centigrade, and it takes around 150 seconds (that is, just 2.5 minutes).
Step 2. Take out and step onto them to cast around the feet when the insoles begin cooling.
For additional structure, simply push up on the arch in the second step before the insoles cool completely.

A common oven used in shops to heat and make custom insoles instantly

Let’s have a look at #362 IDEASTEP heat moldable insoles. This type is flexible for different needs of arch support—flat feet, low arch, medium arch, high arch, and even neutral arch to prevent possible foot problems. Just follow the steps described above to make your own custom insoles. Actually, the channel selling such insoles usually provides instant service. Their well-trained employees will heat the insoles accordingly, instruct you to stand on the insoles for your unique insoles, and make necessary correction during the cooling process.  When you walk out, comfort and arch support is with you!

High quality heat moldable foot arch support eva sport orthotic insole

Warning and Precautions
Be carefully if you do the heating process with a toaster or an oven by yourself at home!!!
Do use Thermo gloves to take out the insoles!!!
And it is always suggested to have the work done by the distributor, dealers, podiatrists, and/or the related personnel where you buy the insoles. There are well trained or professional employees with suitable and commercial devices.


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