Hiking Insoles: The Powerstep Original Insole Takes on the Mountains
Powerstep Original Orthotic Insoles

What insole was it that I had chosen for our hiking adventure in the mountains for the weekend of the Great American Backyard Campout? Sure being an authorized dealer of Spenco Insoles, Superfeet, and Sof Sole Performance Insoles (not to mention many others) at TheInsoleStore.com, it would of been easy to choose from one of the best known shoe insole manufacturers out there; however, I felt that the Powerstep orthotic arch supports needed a serious look. After all, they have developed a solid reputation in the running & heavy-work circles as a popular shoe insert and are carried by over 6000 podiatrists throughout the world. The Powerstep Original Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insole Supports were given the assignment of our weekend camping and hiking trip.

So, there I was in the office on Friday, I had chosen to take my pair of yard-work tennis shoes, pulling out the existing manufacturers insole. Wow, I was surprised at the general lack of cushioning let alone arch support. Now anyone who knows me, knows that I tend to be tight with money and being new to the world of shoe insoles, I’ve been intrigued by the higher-end full length footbed systems that both Powerstep, Superfeet, and Sof Sole are known for.

My initial thoughts were that these inserts were far to big and “How would my foot fit in the shoe after getting that insole in there?” Surprisingly, that was no problem. The second issue is that my left foot tends to be a bit larger in size —and thus, I needed to slightly trim the one foot of the Powerstep Original Insole.

Hiking Insoles: The Powerstep Original Insole Takes on the Mountains
The Powerstep Orginal Orthotic Shoe Insert

I’ve got to admit that the natural tendency for one without knowledge of shoe insoles is to go with the standard drugstore gel or soft cushion type insoles. Just looking at the solid foot-bed insole system makes one assume that it will be uncomfortable as you look at it thinking: “that cannot possibly be enough cushion on that solid foot support.” What one needs to understand is that the deep heel cups on these full-length orthotic arch inserts forces the fatty pad on the base of the heel to stay in position (on the bottom of the heel) versus flattening out as a natural tendency when side support doesn’t exist. Your natural heel pad coupled with the heel padding of Your Sole Insole is more than enough to provide the cushioning that most need.

What I realized over the weekend of hauling a tent, sleeping bags, a cooler, and a six-year-old on the shoulders on various excursions, was that the name “Powerstep” was chosen with reason. The solid arch support not only provided a firm stable support but provided flex on the down-step (cushioning the blow of the step) and correspondingly provided forward-flex (or the power) when coming out of your natural step. I was amazed at the how comfortable my feet felt, even after a full day of activities. The solid arch support didn’t hurt my feet —they actually supported my arch system and evenly distributed my weight proportionately throughout my foot system. My feet do not ache, nor are they in any pain.

For anyone that’s looking for a solid footbed shoe insole, I would definitely recommend the Powerstep Original Orthotic for daily casual and sports activities, let alone hiking.

Now, I’d be remiss without mentioning the Powerstep Journey Hiker Insoles —specifically made for hiking. If you’re carrying a heavy backpack load and/or covering great distances, you may want to consider this insole. This heavy-duty hiking insole comes with an dual-layer of cushioning for maximum comfort and shock absorption, a deep heel cup and arch support for stability, and a friction-reducing, heat-reducing antimicrobial top coat to keep your feet cool and comfortable. This is a professionally designed insole particularly for the hard-daily use one goes through with hiking. If you’re a true hiker and/or run a Hiking Forum Board, I’d love to get your opinion on the Powerstep Journey Hiker Full-length Insole —just email me!

Suffice it to say, camping out during the Great American Campout Weekend was a huge success with our kids. We swam, hiked, cooked out, wore bug spray, and ate smores. Sure, I’m exhausted this Sunday afternoon; however, my feet do not hurt —nor even ache. To try a pair of the Powerstep Original Orthotics, come visit our Best Orthotic Arch Inserts at The Insole Store, today!

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