Hockey & Skate Insoles Should Have Shock Absorption

If you take look at professional athletes all around the world they are all wearing professionally made insoles in their athletic shoes. Both hockey players and ice skaters are known for wearing specially designed insoles in order to perform at optimum levels.

Companies such as Superfeet, Pedag, Sole, CurrexSole and Spenco are all dedicated to providing footwear solutions for both hockey and skate athletes.

Here is a quick guide that will help you pick the right hockey and skate insoles the next time you get ready to hit the ice:


Sole Thin Sport Custom Footbeds :Less than $50

Hockey & Skate Insoles Should Have Shock AbsorptionHockey and Skating both require a vast amount of shock absorption in order to prevent injury. Sole Thin Sport Custom Footbeds are specifically made for sports such as hockey and ice skating and have been tested in official scientific studies.

You also gain the great benefit of both arch and heel support while utilizing Your Sole Insoles. The American Podiatric Medical Association has approved the use of the Sole Thin Sport Customer Footbeds insoles in order to prevent and relieve pain in the feet that can be caused by Achilles tendonitis, flat feet or bunions. 


These hockey and skate insoles have a much longer lifespan because they do not contain plasticizers which is a substance commonly found in plastics to encourage softness and flexibility.





Superfeet Yellow Premium Insoles:Less than $40

Hockey & Skate Insoles Should Have Shock AbsorptionThese hockey & skate insoles are great for any shoe or boot with a raised heel as Superfeet is one of the pioneering companies for orthotics for athletes and have included unique features in order to accommodate the needs of the everyday athlete. The perforated outsoles of the hockey skates themselves line up with the Diamond Venting System to allow your feet adequate circulation during your sporting activities.

This features allows any open sores or blister on the feet adequate air circulation in order to help stimulate and encourage the healing process. Superfeet Yellow Premium hockey & skate insoles are also lightweight yet durable and are specially designed for those with flat feet or low to medium arches. The deep heel cup aligns with the bones in your feet to prevent potential feet conditions such as plantar fasciitis or bunions from developing.





CurrexSole Edge Pro  Hardboot Insoles:Less than $60

Hockey & Skate Insoles Should Have Shock AbsorptionThese specially designed hockey and skate insoles are made to prevent over-pronation or excessive inward roll of the inside foot. Over-pronation is often associated with the development of foot conditions such as bunions and plantar fasciitis. An easy way to tell if you are an over-pronator is by looking at the bottoms of your shoes. If you notice wear on the inside, you are over-pronating. However over-pronating can be easily overcome by utilizing these specific insoles which place your feet in the proper position so that you can not over-pronate. These particular insoles are available in low, medium and high arch in order to suit your needs.


While using any form of hockey & skate insoles we recommend that you allow your feet time to rest for approximately ten minutes and this will fortify their range of motion. Leaving your boots on for long periods of time encourages stiffness and tension in the joints which could lead to other foot conditions.  

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If your looking for additional thoughts, check out this article from the American Podiatric Association (warning: it’s technical & go to page 8 wear orthotics and hockey skates are discussed in detail): Podiatric Management in Ice Skating  

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