How Insoles Can Benefit Your Whole Body

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How Insoles Can Benefit Your Whole Body

How Insoles Can Help Your Body

What Are Insoles?

Shoe insoles are inserts that can be placed inside your shoes for extra support. While they specifically target parts of your feet (like your heel or metatarsals), wearing shoe insoles can benefit your entire musculoskeletal system.

How Do Insoles Work?

Insoles provides cushioning support and shock absorption. They can prevent bunions, blisters and injuries caused by sports. They can also correct misalignments in your posture.

How Do My Feet Affect My Posture?

The position of your feet can make a big difference to how well your body aligns itself. Chronic pain or certain foot conditions can cause pressure in the wrong parts of the foot and this in turn can strain your weight-bearing joints.

Which Parts of My Body Can Insoles Help?

When you wear insoles:

  • Spine: With the rest of tuor body in proper alignment, your lower back won't be put under excess strain.
  • Hips: Your hips will be better supported by your knees and feet.
  • Knees: Less pressure is placed on your knees.
  • Ankles: When your feet are fully supported, your ankles won't need to shift out of their normal position to compensate.
  • Feet: Insoles distribute weight more evenly across your feet, relieving areas of pressure and pain.

What Conditions Can Insoles Treat?

By taking pressure off of key areas, shoe insoles can improve conditions like:

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Don't wait for pain to develop before you take action. Invest in a good pair of insoles and your feet (as well as the rest of your body) will thank you!

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