Quizzes are always fun, so why not take a little quiz on Currex Insoles to see how much you really know about your favorite brand.

True or False?

1. The name, Currex, translates to ‘the king of running’.

– True. Currex stems from the latin terms. Currex (Lat.: currere = run, rex = king). The company is dedicated to creating excellent insoles for all sports and athletic activities.

2. Currex employees can analyze your feet and inform you of your arch type, and whether you overpronate or oversupinate while walking.

– True. Currex also checks for bowed legs and knocked knees. These two conditions can also greatly impact the posture of the feet, which can then directly affect the posture of the entire body.

3. EdgePro are Currex Insoles designed for runners.

– False. The RunPro insoles have been designed specifically for runners and will have greater benefits than the Footdisc. These insoles are available for low, medium, and high arched feet.

4. Currex RunPro Insoles are not orthopedically designed.

– False. Currex insoles are orthopedically designed, and have a metatarsal cushion that protects the metatarsal heads from extra shocks experienced during running. They are also designed with arch support and heel support. 

5. Currex RunPro insoles can also be worn in the shoes of heavy runners.

– True. However, the RunPro insoles may also be used in shoes for other sports such as basketball, volleyball, baseball, golf, football, tennis and soccer.

6. There are two types of Currex insoles that are ideal for those who are standing all day long: The BikePro insoles and the EdgePro insoles.

–  False. The Footdisc Hardboot, now EdgePro insoles, are great for both work/industrial shoes as well as for winter sports shoes and boots. They also help to prevent overpronation and oversupination. When your feet overpronate or oversupinate, you’re susceptible to develop all types of foot problems including plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, bunions, metatarsalgia, and Morton’s neuroma. The BikePro insoles are thin insoles that are perfect for cyclists and have won a gold award. They improve the performance of the cyclist by improving pedal force and keeping the knees aligned during riding.

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