How Often Orthotics Insoles Need To Be Replaced?

People might think, “How often should insoles be replaced?” or “Does the orthotic insole have a shelf life?” when you buy a custom orthotic. These questions always to be mentioned.

Ideastep design custom orthotic insoles, especially for your feet, to used to help treat heel spurs, arthritis, neuroma, and arch pain. But orthopedics is not just for treating diseases; they are excellent choices for those suffering from back pain and joint pain. Correctly adjusting the position of the foot prevents a lot of pain caused by incorrect posture and gait.

You do need to evaluate periodically (usually every six months) to determine if you need to replace them, although there is no specific usage “expiration date”. In general, you can use custom orthotics for one year; and they are perfect for your feet, the pressure points on the orthotic that are not related to your gait wear less. Just like shoes, orthotics wear out in everyday use and eventually flatten out. If you don’t evaluate them regularly, it will do more harm than good.


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