Caring for your Spenco insoles is extremely easy. Mostly it includes keeping them clean and dry. But if your Spenco Insoles become wet or dirty, follow the following directions to save them from permanent damage. Spenco gives these directions as guidelines, please refer to specific insole directions for specific types of insoles.

Depending on what your Spenco insoles are made of, getting them wet can be extremely inadvisable. Foam cushion or cloth covered insoles are especially susceptible to water damage. First remove your insoles from your shoes. Gently pat with a dry towel to remove any surface moisture. Then put them in a spot with good ventilation where your Spenco insoles can stay flat. Allow to dry completely. This can take from over night to several days and how wet your insoles are and the style of insole you use needs to be taken into consideration. Allowing your Spenco insoles to dry in shoes or while wearing them may result in reduced performance.

From time to time, your Spenco insoles will become soiled. For insoles that are not cloth covered or foam, clean them by first removing them from your shoes. Then take a soft, damp cloth and mild detergent and wipe insoles clean. If areas of soil remain after cleaning, take an old toothbrush with warm water and mild detergent and lightly rub the remaining Taking care of you Spenco insoles will lengthen their life, and cleaning them frequently will keep them looking like new and will avoid any permanent staining. As you take care of your Spenco insoles, they will take care of you, keeping your feet cushioned and supported.

How To Care For Your Spenco Insoles
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