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Shoe insoles are a great way to prevent foot pain, tackle different foot conditions and increase the level of comfort that you feel throughout the day. They are a great way to tackle foot odour too, with a number of insoles available that are designed to prevent fungal infections and stop bad foot odour in its tracks. What happens when Your Sole Insoles themselves start to smell, and how do you go about removing that odour before you start your day?

You can tackle smelly shoe insoles in the same way you tackle smelly shoes

How Do I Clean My Insoles?

The good news is that you'll rarely actually need to clean your insoles. Unless you have got dirt on the inside of your shoe, or somehow spilt a liquid on your insoles then when it comes to cleaning them you needn't worry. Most people will rarely consider actually cleaning the inside of their shoes, and this is the same with insoles too.

However, that doesn't mean that foot odour can't spread from your foot to your insoles, and insoles that smell are as common as shoes that smell. To tackle this, you can simply use foot spray such as the Pedag ECO Line Active Fresh Shoe Deodorant Spray. By spraying this 99% biodegradable spray on your insoles, you can prevent a build up of bacteria and replace it with a sweet smelling odour that has no trace of the foul smell before.

Pedag ECO Line Active Fresh Shoe Deodorant Spray

What If My Shoe Insoles Are Stained?

If you have stained your insoles and you are looking to clean them, then again there is help at hand. We would recommend spot washing them using a gentle soap and warm water, and scrubbing until the mark has gone. Unless you have insoles that say they are recommended for use in a washing machine, we would suggest that you refrain from this course of action.

Why Is Bacteria Bad for Your Feet?

Smelly shoes are common but the risk that smelly shoes bring to your feet is far greater than the unpleasant smell that they bring. Smelly insoles and smelly shoes are a sign of foot fungus, which thrives in the warm conditions under your feet. If you don't tackle this smell, you can create a sort of foot fungus petri dish in your shoes, where bacteria feed and multiply off this added warmth in your foot.

Foot fungus can lead to infections, which can lead to foot pain, diabetes, ingrown toenails, cellulitis, athlete's foot and more. Your feet can swell and you can get nasty blisters, and finally your toenails can become discoloured, which can cause shame and embarrassment. Bad foot odour is often a sign of bacteria and fungus, but by ensuring that you choose the right spray you can prevent the smell from spreading.

What Are the Benefits of Keeping Your Feet Fresh?

By keeping your feet smelling fresh and clean, you can prevent many foot conditions from developing. It can also lead to healthier feet, helping to reduce any pain and discomfort that you might be feeling throughout the day. Furthermore, the lack of smell can do wonders for your confidence, reducing doubt that a nasty, unpleasant smell is following you as you go about your day.

Why Using Anti-Bacterial Insoles and Spray Can Keep Feet Healthy

Shoe Sprays such as the Pedag ECO Deodorant Spray mentioned earlier are perfect for preventing smelly shoe insoles from occurring. They all work in a similar way, by killing any dangerous bacteria in your feet and preventing your feet from smelling. Most only require spraying once or twice every few days, and most promise to completely eradicate bacteria as well as odour.

Zederna Original Natural Cedarsoles

It isn't just sprays that can prevent sweaty feet either, and we have a range of Shoe Insoles for Sweaty Feet that ensure your insoles will never need cleaning. One popular choice is the Zederna Original Natural Cedarsoles, as these chemical-free insoles use cedar wood to prevent any bad smell from occurring. These insoles are incredibly effective, and they serve as a timely reminder that the best remedy to smelly insoles is to choose the right insoles for you.

Tackle Smelly Insoles Now!

Remember that shoe insoles don't really need cleaning. However if you do have a problem with smell, then we have plenty of Creams, Gels and Sprays that are designed to prevent foot odour and bacteria from forming. Alternatively, you can tackle the source of the problem, and buy shoe insoles that are designed to prevent Sweaty Feet.

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