How to clean orthotics

Cleaning and Maintenance
Proper care of your custom orthotics insoles is important to long wear and maximum benefit. Orthotics are often faraway from shoes and cleaned when needed.

Care of the foot orthotics can depend upon the materials used. Plastics are often hand-washed with mild soap, rinsed well, and towel dried. Foams can generally be cleaned with alcohol or baby wipes. Leathers are often wiped with a humid cloth, and suede is often brushed with a stiff nylon brush. confirm inserts are dry before putting them back during a shoe. Use a light soap or detergent with lukewarm water to wash your insoles. Make certain to not allow them to absorb an excessive amount of water by soaking them. If you’ve got a stain that’s difficult to get rid of it’s recommended that you simply scrub just that area with a soft-bristle toothbrush to spot-treat your orthotics.

Ideastep insole can be washed in a washing machine.

Custom orthotics should be worn with socks to stop excessive perspiration, which may damage orthotics. If your feet perspire heavily, your orthotics would require more frequent cleaning.

If you’ve got open ulcers or draining sores, make certain to use antibacterial soap when cleaning, and always wear clean socks.


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