Often when we get up in the morning, the last thing on our mind is what shoes we are going to wear. Similarly, one of the very last things we will think about is Your Sole Insoles that are inside those shoes.

However, if you can remember to give 30 seconds time to consider which insoles you are going to wear, you will find that your day goes a lot smoother. When you get to the end of the day and are tired and irritable, think about how your feet feel. If they are tired, it’s no wonder that you are tired and irritable since your feet are your strong foundation for your entire skeleton. Most people don’t make this connection but nevertheless, it is an important one.

So remember, you reach for your shoes in the morning and then reach for Your Sole Insoles for them, too, even if the shoes are casual shoes.

You may think that it’s not going to be a particularly hard day and you’ll be spending time with friends. You’re considering the psychological stresses of the day, but not the stresses that will be acting on your feet. How many times have you been with your friends and then everyone decides they will be attending an event as a last minute decision? Now your casual shoes and Your Sole Insoles in them for casual shoes have been placed in an awkward position, as they have to perform in ways they aren’t necessarily meant to perform.

If your insoles for casual shoes are also ones that may be used in athletic shoes, you will be fine. Most insoles for casual shoes that have been dually designed for athletic shoes have another purpose – arch support, heel support, heel and foot alignment, preventing over-pronation and over-supination, etc. and will be able to give you the support you need when your friends change their plans for the day.

In the ideal world, you purchase a new pair of shoes and immediately replace Your Sole Insoles found in them with ones suited specifically for your feet. The new insoles, let’s say for your casual shoes, are built for your shoe size and for your arch type. These are the first two most important things necessary for foot happiness at the end of the day. Then Your Sole Insoles for your casual shoes will match up with any additional needs your feet have. For example, if you have achille’s tendonitis, you may need extra heel support. If you have plantar fasciitis, you may need the traditional Birkenstock raised flanges on the side to prevent your feet from veering off to the left or right.

If you have arthritis of the feet, you may need extra room in the toes for wiggle room or to accommodate a deformity. In this case, your insoles for casual shoes will be ¾ in length, not full length.

Back to the ideal world concept… you purchase a pair of shoes and immediately remove the standard commercial insoles in them with insoles for casual shoes that fit your feet. The results? Your feet reward you with plenty of energy at the end of the day, plenty of joy (since you don’t have foot fatigue), and plenty of foot health for the rest of your days.

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