Every footwear company has its own mission and its own direction. Thus, if you understand the bottom line on what the company’s about, this information can help you make better decisions on what type of insoles to buy.


The Sof Sole line is comprised of an entire line of products that are designed to address the “soul” of your feet and offer you comfort and support. The brand offers a complete line of orthotic arch supports and insoles, socks, shoe care and accessories. The insoles are designed for comfort and support and fall into three categories:  The Fit Series, Performance series and Lifestyle series.


How to Understand the Sof Sole Insoles Line Quickly
Sof Sole insoles


In the Fit Series, your foot can stay fit if you first address the arch that’s presently in your foot. Is it a low  arch, a high arch, or a neutral arch? There are different sof sole orthotics and sof sole insoles that you can  choose from to help in this area. However, you should also know that the company created and engineered  its own Sof Sole FIT ID System, which is a way of telling you in 30 seconds flat what type of arch you have.   This Sof Sole FIT ID System is available at some shoe stores.


The FIT High Arch insoles help with pain relief induced by over supination of the feet.


In the Performance series of Sof Sole insoles, you’ll find a ¾ length Orthotic, an Airr Orthotic, an arch Orthotic, sof sole insoles for athletes, and even thin fitting sof sole insoles. The brandline uses Coolmax fiber that keeps feet cool and dry, Microban technology that prevents bacteria from causing foot odor.


In the Lifestyle series of Sof Sole insoles, you can select insoles for plantar fasciitis, gel arches, gel heel cups, gel heel pads, ball of foot pads, and insoles with massaging gel in them, too.


By the way, Sof Sole insoles may be hand washed. After you wash them, air-dry them; don’t use washers and dryers for these products.



The Sof Sole Company opened its doors in 1991 and prides itself on technologically advanced designs plus materials used in their products that offer more comfort, higher functionality, and performance of your feet. Their tagline is that their products strive to become the “Soul of Performance.”


The Sof Sole Company has a soul to it and is known for working with athletes to continually improve their products. Have you ever heard of the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon Series? Practically every week of the year, there’s another Rock ‘n Roll Marathon event going on, and the company stands ready with performance socks and their Sof sole insoles.


Sof Sole also supports community events such as the Jimmy V Golf Classic, which raises money for cancer research and Toys for Tots in December for the holidays. They also donate sof sole insoles and performance socks to first responders in North Carolina.

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