How to wear orthotics

In the beginning, custom made insoles are used to give better support to the arch of the foot. Shoes with flat feet are the best choice for sports shoes, it is recommended to wear corrective insoles to pick shoes, try on new shoes, please take out the original insole, into the corrective insole, try on the size of the shoes fit to buy. It is recommended that children should wear the orthotic insole at least until they are no longer tall in adulthood. Since the ORTHOTIC INSOLE is replaced every 6 months to 1 year on average, the ORTHOTIC insole needs to be renewed and adjusted gradually in order to improve effectively.

Do you know your feet?

The foot is known as the body’s second heart and is made up of the arch of the foot, bones, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Feet make up less than 2% of the body’s surface area, but contain 26 bones, 29 joints, 42 muscles, and 25 tendons to support the body. People walk about 18,000 steps a day; when they run, their feet collide with the ground with the force of a car traveling at 30 kilometers per hour; and they walk about five times around the world in their lifetime. So hard we should take good care of it.

Do Lumbago, knee ache, and crural concern?

The human body is a biomechanical whole, in order to bear weight, participate in sports, waist, knee and foot contact between the interaction, foot function will affect the waist, knee, and knee lesions can also find the answer in the foot. The study found that more than 70 percent of knee pain and a significant percentage of low back pain were associated with wide feet, and that in more than 96 percent of patients with knee pain, symptoms decreased or disappeared completely after wearing corrective insoles.

Can the child’s flat foot be cured by wearing corrective shoes or insoles?

The incidence of flat feet in children is very high, usually not accompanied by pain and other symptoms, it is easy to ignore. Early skeletal development is not complete, there is a great deal of plasticity, such as timely use of the correct foot health orthotics can prevent and correct deformities, avoid serious consequences. In addition, Genu Varus (commonly known as x-type legs, o-type legs), Horseshoe Foot, and other more common deformities should also be early treated, the use of correct lower limbs or foot supplies.

What kind of shoes do old people wear?

The deterioration of physical function in the elderly is more pronounced in young people with injury or injury-related exercise. Low back pain, knee pain and foot pain are quite common, and many blame the deterioration and rheumatism on changes in age or the weather, plasters or take pain-killing drugs, hoping to ease the pain and heal, but because these treatments do not target the cause, the long-term effect is not ideal. Elderly people should be subjected to a comprehensive examination, according to the advice of professionals, choose a pair of shoes for their own.

How to avoid foot pain in your daily life?

At present, many people’s foot pain is related to insufficient awareness of foot care, they often wear pointed shoes or high heels for a long time to go shopping, wearing no protective shoes for strenuous exercise, wearing worn shoes with worn soles can not bear to throw away, ignoring the role of shoes on the protection of the foot, making the foot and lower limb fatigue and injury is gradually aggravated, foot pain is more and more frequent and more serious. In addition to rest, the most important thing to do is to choose a pair of shoes that provide adequate support and an insole that conforms to your biomechanics. This can effectively avoid foot pain, a complete solution to your troubles.


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