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Our company is Xiamen KON Technology Co., Ltd. Our brand is Ideastep. We have 28 years of prefabricated and custom made orthotic insole experience. We started from Insole and still concentrate on the Orthotic insole.

In the year 1989, our elder generation created an Insole business named “Yili Shoes Materials Co., Ltd.” and start to cooperate with the Shoe manufacturers in Jinjiang China, now Jinjiang has become a shoe center area in the world.

I want to introduce my boss Karl–A professional podiatrist, he joined the insole enterprise in 1992 when he just graduated from the University, he can speak English well so travels in the different countries to promote our insole.

In these 28 years, we have been 37 countries for the exhibitions or custom visiting, the experience is different and made us different from others.

We manufacture Insole, focus on Pre-fabric & Custom made Orthotic Insole and EVA Cad Cam Blockers; We provide Pre-fabric & Custom made Orthotic Insole to Footcare professionals and EVA Cad Cam Blockers to Foot & Ankle Lab & Workshop in Overseas countries; We introduce and promote Pedorthic Technology and Products in China. Product: Orthotic insole, sports insole, walk fit insoles, and EVA sheet.

Our Orthotic insoles including Therapeutic Orthotic Insole; Walking Insole; Athletic Insole; Work Orthotic Insole; Kid Orthotics address the needs of specific users. The insole orthotic series is widely praised by customers. Ideastep Insoles carefully selects quality raw materials. Production cost and product quality will be strictly controlled. This enables us to produce orthotic insoles which is more competitive than other products in the industry. It has advantages in internal performance, price, and quality. Ideastep Insoles has established a sound service system to provide quality services for customers attentively. Welcome custom orthotic insoles via Ideastep.

Therapeutic Orthotic Insole benefits for patients in diabetes, arthritis, or any other foot diseases from sensitive or deformities matters by providing a maximum amount of cushioning/supporting or excavation designs. The diabetic insole series has become a hot product of Ideastep Insoles. Ideastep Insoles’s diabetic insoles for shoes are manufactured in strict accordance with relevant national standards. Every detail matters in the production. Strict cost control promotes the production of high-quality and priced-low products. Such a product is up to customers’ needs for a highly cost-effective product. Ideastep Insoles is committed to providing customers with thoughtful, comprehensive, and diversified services. And we strive to gain mutual benefit by cooperating with customers.

The walk fit insoles including the height insole, warm insole, heat insole, High heel insole, work insole, and PU insole, address the needs of users for different functions. Ideastep Insoles insists on the use of high-quality materials and advanced technology to manufacture walk fit orthotics. Besides, we strictly monitor and control the quality and cost of each production process. All this guarantees the product to have high quality and favorable price. Ideastep Insoles insists on the principle of ‘integrity, professionalism, responsibility, gratitude’ and strives to provide professional and quality services for customers.

Specially supply what Pedorthist; prosthetist & Orthotist use in their labs, including EVA Sheet for CNC milling processing, Top cushioning Materials, and pre-laminated, pre-skived Blockers, each custom combinations can be satisfied to save their max. Cost in the lab. The EVA material is high-quality.

Pre-skived & laminated Blockers provide easier processing to fabricate custom foot orthoses by heating.

We are a highly integrated company. Next, I would like to introduce our insoles customization.

As a professional insole manufacturer, we provide the service of custom orthotics. Welcome make insole custom via Ideastep.


Process material and production technology experts



American registered pedorthist, familiar with gait analysis, lower extremities anatomy, and biomechanics, handle actual fabrication of custom foot orthoses


Senior technology experts of footwear


Product design, manufacture, and after-sales service


Podiatric diagnosis and treatment, foot data collection and analysis


The annual output of more than 20 million pairs functional insoles


28 YEARS of prefabricated and custom made Orthotic Insole experience.



Each pair of Ideastep orthotics is handmade by the experienced specialists to guarantee the best result to our clients.



All our orthotics are guaranteed a one-year warranty, protecting any defects from in use.



We serve 7days * 24hous online, 7 – 14 days to your door delivery.



Owned the industrial chain from the raw materials to final products by ours to make the cost-effective come to the truth.



We offer truly customized Orthotics to the rehabilitation of Individual foot complaints, rehabilitate post-surgery, and prevent further foot deformities.


Remote prescription & data transfer  →  Digital design  →  Manufacture accurately and professionally

Foot scan and Gait analysis modern technology has been widely used in the field of orthosis manufacture, the cad/cam manufacturing system has made great progress in the past few years and acknowledged as a successful means of design and production of the customized orthosis.

Foot scan

Pressure test

Foot palpation

Electronic prescription

Style design

Manufacturer control

Package & Delivery

We have a strong engineer and design team to fulfill the unique design,
and manufacture orthopedic customized orthotic insole as per client individual condition.


Product Customization Process

  1. Foot Scan

To catch plantar foot data including full length; arch length; ball width; heel width; 1st – 5th MTPJ distance; arch apex height; calcaneus varus or valgus etc.

  1. Pressure Test

To catch and analysis Static and Dynamic Gait patterns, including foot plantar pressure areas;  pressure duration; Gait cycle distribution;

  1. Foot Palpation

Exam foot joint Range of Motion to assess motion is limited (consider a compromised treatment) or excessive (consider higher quality orthotics to control foot).

  1. Electronic Prescription

Showing: What type of orthotic is required; What materials; What model; What will be the core shape of the orthotic; What additions will be added to the basic shell specification.

  1. Style Design

Design the custom orthotic by software as per the scan data pressure test and Prescription instructions.

  1. Manufacturer Control

Transformation the software Data to CNC machine program for CAD/CAM BLOCKER milling and top cover materials laminated and final good finishing.

  1. Package & Delivery

Make cleaning and pack orthotics, send by courier to your door.


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