Ideastep Quality Assurance Profile

Quality is our life, Ideastep always regard quality as the top important thing, so we have a full system about quality,

1. Certified by BSCI、ISO、SGS.

2. Every worker knows how to check the product at his own stage. and also can check the last step’s quality.


Ideastep is a factory in Jinjiang, Quanzhou, Fujian, China. In addition to various types of Pre-fabricated Orthotic insoles, Ideastep products include EVA SHEETS / EVA BLOCKS for Milling Machine; Components( Met pad; Wedge ) & Shells.

Meanwhile, we make custom-made Orthotics on our own also.


What are Ideastep strengths?


1. Custom insoles can be made (as well as a pair) because we got C.Ped. #4290 Title from “American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics, Inc.” And have the technical equipment to make custom insoles.

2. Low MOQ on the pre-fabricated insole also matches customer needs in the early stages to support business expansion.


Product design

After a long-term commitment to the insole, orthotics products development, design, production, we now have a rich industry experience of the Technical Team; Team members skilled in a variety of design software, we respect the customer for the concept of product design, follow the market-oriented principles, focus on product design scientific and practical, make full use of human mechanics, select high-grade and high-quality materials, design products that fully meet the customer’s ideas and requirements; help customers to save time in developing new products, reduce development costs to save costs.

Of course, we promise to abide by the trade secret principle and protect the creativity and design of our clients.

At present, the software and equipment we commonly use are:

Photoshop, Del Cam System, 3D Printing, CAD/CAM Milling.


Mould Development

After years of industry precipitation, IDEASTEP has a professional understanding and method of Die Design and verification (test die), and has established a tacit understanding and consensus with long-term partners; Can help customers in a short period of time to develop the precise requirements of the mold.

Based on the expertise and long-term cooperation of IDEASTEP and its partners, we can effectively reduce the cost of mold development and help customers save development costs. Moreover, we fully consider some problems that may exist in the mass production of molds, for example, mass production efficiency, material waste, semi-finished product processing, and so on.

We are willing to help customers share development costs, and provide a variety of options for customers to choose; we adhere to the “mold dedicated” principle, to ensure customer interests.


By development process

Wooden mold

Sample Mould

Mass production mold

By product category

Filling mold

Cold-press die

Hot-pressing die

Casting Mould

Injection Mould

Usually, in the face of the customer complex development, we will try to advise the customer to carry out the mold card confirmation, initial sample confirmation, mass production confirmation, etc. to ensure that the mold plays an efficient role in mass production. Of course, we will also keep, maintain and repair the mold for the customer, check the mold regularly, ensure that the mold will not be lost, mold loss control, to ensure that the mold ready for mass production.


Sample preparation

We welcome your consultation and provide active sample strategy support, including existing product line samples and new development samples, and provide samples to customers, not only is Ideastep access to let customers know or impress the opportunity, but it is also an opportunity to help customers expand their product lines and capture the market. However, based on patent protection for some customers, we will provide limited information and sample support for some samples.

We encourage customers to customize and develop new samples, keep innovating, meet the needs of the market, and guide the development of the market. We highly welcome the support of customers’original designs. Innovation is the source for the enterprise to push forward and mobilize all available resources, provide comprehensive development support to customers, assist customers to develop samples, win market opportunities, and gain market share.


Project assistance

Because some shoe companies or other customers have the need to develop the project, we will also provide the corresponding perfect service to help customers develop the perfect product. According to the different requirements of the customers/products, we will arrange professional designers, sales specialists, and production managers to consult with the customers and put forward professional suggestions to work out the best plan.

In order to better help customers develop quality projects, we need to build a foundation of complete trust with customers, barrier-free, smooth communication, exchange of ideas and information, customers can give support and understanding.

The project assistance services we can provide include:

Design of related products

Mould Development for corresponding products

Material Selection

Cost Accounting

Feasibility/enhancement proposals


Quality Assurance

Product quality and corporate reputation is the cornerstone of the company’s existence and development, Ideastep attaches great importance to.

To this end, Ideastep set up a series of quality assurance systems and measures to ensure product quality, such as material inspection, production monitoring, packaging inspection, performance systems, and so on. We train every Ideastep employee in the concept of quality, and periodically reinforce the concept of quality so that all Ideastep employees have the 3R spirit — responsible to the company, responsible to the product, and responsible to the customer.

In addition to these pre-shipment quality guarantees, we also provide aggressive after-sales assurance strategies; we try to ensure that the goods are delivered to the customer to the satisfaction of the customer and that the customer does not worry if they find any problems. We hope that our customers and our corresponding sales specialist to maintain a positive contact status.

Consulting support

In order to promote and strengthen the relationship with customers, we provide customers with a wide range of product design, technology, materials, functions, and other multi-faceted support, providing professional advice and reliable data; We can also help customers to provide mold development, freight transport, product packaging and other aspects of the advisory.

If the customer has other product procurement needs, we can also help the customer inquiry/inspection/procurement, and so on, we are willing to use our professional ability to provide customers with comprehensive cooperation services.

At the same time, we also hope that in constant communication and cooperation, continue to strengthen the cooperative relationship, expand the scope of cooperation, and enhance trust.

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